September is the month of fall. It is the most pleasant time of year when you first start feeling the cool breeze. As per Western astrology, September is governed by the two zodiac signs, Virgo and Libra. Both are intrinsically different signs but bestow many powerful traits to September zodiac sign people. Are you also one of them? Were you born in September? If yes, then learn more about your birth month and even if you belong to a different birth month, this post can be very interesting to learn about the ninth month of the year.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the most interesting facts about September month and find you didn’t know about this month.

10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About September Month

10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About September Month

Various interesting stories are associated with the month of September. Read on and enhance your knowledge about September month.

#1. The Word September Has Roman Origin

The name “September was derived from “Septem”, a Roman word meaning 7. Since September month was the seventh month in the ancient Roman Calendar, this name was coined. However, in the later years, the Gregorian modern Calendar has taken September as its ninth month but it kept the name “September” the same as it was in Roman Calendar.

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#2. September Once Had 29 Days

Didn’t understand? Well! In the ancient Roman calendar, September had only 29 days. It was way later in the times of Julius Caesar, reforms were suggested to make each month of either 30 or 31 days. Finally, in 46BC, Roman Calendar was modified and one more day was added to the September month.

#3. The Month With The Most Letters

September is the only month in the year which has the most letters in its spelling. It has 9 letters and coincidently this is also the ninth month in Gregorian Calendar. Unsure if it’s true? Count yourself and see no other month in the year has so many letters than September month has.

#4. The Month of Fire

Romans used to associate each month of the Calendar with a Roman God. They associated September month with the Vulcan, the God of Fire. They believed that September is a month when fires and volcanic eruptions can be expected the most. Some people believe that this was because September was a fiery hot month at that time.

#5. September Is Not The only Name It Has

The month of September also has other names. Anglo-Saxons referred to September as “Gerst Monath” and “Haefest Monath”. Gerst Monath translates into “Barley Month” as barley crop was harvested mainly during this month. Similarly, Haefest Monath translates into harvest month as this was the time of harvesting the crops. Anglo-Saxons considered September as a very special month as this was the time when they brewed their popular drink out of the crop Barley.

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#6. The Month That Witnessed The Darkest Day of History

September is the month that is known to have the world’s darkest day. It was the date of September 1 in the year 1939 when the dictator of Germany, Hitler invaded Poland and consequentially the most fierce war of World- World War II began. The darkest and saddest day in history, isn’t it?

#7. Two Different Birth Flowers

Yes! It’s true. People born in September have two different birth flowers. One is Aster and the other is Morning Glory. The importance of both the flowers is quite similar. The vibrant Aster represents love and the beautiful Morning Glory is known to signify affection.

#8. The Month of Interesting Holidays

September month is the month with some very interesting holidays. These are- Kitchen Day on 13th September, Internationa Talk Like a Pirate Day on 19th September, National Grandparent Day on 12th September, National Cheese Pizza Day on 5th September, National Punctuation Day on 24th September and National Drink-a- Beer Day on 28th September. Moreover, this is the month which is dedicated to Happy Cats. Yes, you’ve heard right. The month of September is also known as Happy Cat Month.

#9. The Month That Owns Most Popular Tunes

If you are a music lover and a September born, then you would be delighted to know that September month has the most popular tunes in its kitty. Over 10 songs have been written over the years with the title “September.” For instance, “September Song” by Frank Sinatra, “Maybe September” by Tony Bennett, “A Lonely September” by Plain White T’s”, “September Morn” by Neal Diamond.

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#10. 9/11- The Month of Tragedy

September accounts for the most tragic terrorist attack in the World. On 9 September 2011, the worst terrorist attack on the US happened. Four planes were hijacked; out of which two planes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the third one into the Pentagon. The fourth plane crashed into Pennsylvania fields. This dreadful terrorist attack has shaken the world and began a new war against terrorism.

Hopefully, you loved reading about September. Now, you may share these interesting facts with your friends and surprise them with your amazing knowledge.


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