To build a substantial following on Instagram is no simple task. More and more people are joining this platform and businesses are getting in on it too. Whether you’re looking to grow your personal account or build your Instagram business following, you will need tried and tested Instagram growth tactics that actually work.

Getting your first 10K or even 1000 followers takes a bit of work. You may be tempted to cheat and get Instagram followers fast by buying followers. However, the follower count means nothing if they are not organic people engaging with your brand and making real purchases. Plus Instagram’s algorithms will detect paid and fake accounts- and that means a possibility that your account will be struck down. It’s not worth it!

So if you’re ready to grow your Instagram followers and reach your target audience the organic way, read on and try these Instagram growth hacks with the strategic tips we have compiled for you. Remember, consistency is key. Discouraged from posting because of the lack of engagement and exposure most of your posts get? buy Instagram likes and get ready to shine.


Here’s a guide on how to get more followers on Instagram.

  • Tip#1: Optimize Your Account
  • Tip#2: Stick To Your Niche
  • Tip#3: Post Consistently
  • Tip#4: Use Analytics Tools To Your Advantage
  • Tip#5: Stay Consistent With Your Own Style
  • Tip#6: Hashtags, Hashtags, Branded Hashtags!
  • Tip#7: Repost Content
  • Tip#8: Engage Your Followers
  • Tip#9: Follow Relevant People
  • Tip#10: Promote Your IG Page
  • Tip#11: Partner With Other Brands
  • Tip#12: Work With Influencers
  • Tip#13: Experiment With Video Content
  • Tip#14: Memes!
  • Tip#15: Get Tagged
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Tip#1: Optimize Your Account

This is the number one step in building a brand for your account, be it personal or business. You need the right and consistent bio, website link, username, post captions, and display picture to set the tone of your Instagram account. Remember to keep your username search-friendly as possible.

Tip#2: Stick To Your Niche

Sticking to your industry, aesthetic, or brand niche is a powerful long term Instagram growth strategy. It is important to continue being relevant to a particular niche (travel, beauty, fitness, etc.) when you create any type of content on your IG feed. The end result will be a loyal audience who rely on the relevance of your posts. If you do decide to join Instagram engagement groups or Instagram pods, you’ll reach an audience that is likely to engage.

Tip#3: Post Consistently

Did you know that posting at least once daily can grow your Instagram followers four times faster than posting less than once a week? Giving your existing followers amazing content that they can engage with is good for the algorithm. Having a good posting schedule will favor your content for the algorithm and bring in new followers.

Tip#4: Use Analytics Tools To Your Advantage

This method works hand in hand with the previous tip. How do you determine the frequency to post? Analytics tools. There are some great third-party Instagram analytics tools available out there which you can use to track, benchmark, and analyze Instagram content across accounts. You can get insights on the best times to post and determine the kind of posts that get the most engagement. If you have a business account on Instagram, the inbuilt analytics tool offers some free basic insights for you.

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Tip#5: Stay Consistent With Your Own Style

If you have noticed by now that being consistent seems to be the buzzword for increasing Instagram followers quicker, you have caught on well. Sticking with a consistent style or theme for your Instagram feed assures your existing followers about the type of content they can expect. It reels in potential followers who are searching for just the kind of content that your account offers. Make sure you deliver this kind of quality consistency with every post and watch your Instagram following grow.

Tip#6: Hashtags, Hashtags, Branded Hashtags!

When it comes to the sweet spot for the number of hashtags you should optimally use, there isn’t a right answer. So what do you do? Experiment and analyze. That’s how you find the right set of hashtag keywords that bring in your target audience. Remember to add the hashtags in the first comment and not in the caption box so that your post will not come across as spammy. Avoid using generic hashtags.

A golden tip is to come up with a branded hashtag that is unique to your brand or business. A branded Instagram hashtag goes a long way in expanding your reach, building a community and exploring user-generated content.

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Tip#7: Repost Content

Here are a few ground rules before you use this strategy to gain more Instagram followers. Before reposting someone else’s content on your page, be sure to ask for permission to do so. Yes, Instagram’s policy requires it. Second, credit the original creator in the post description. It is easier to repost someone else’s content that is relevant and engaging , plus you’re more likely to connect with a community of people who care about the same things you do.

Tip#8: Engage Your Followers

There are a number of ways you can go about this strategy. This means making complete use of Instagram’s interactive features whenever you can such as liking and replying to comments, using polls, questions, and chat stickers. We recommend hosting the good old contests and giveaways. Many influencers swear by these methods where they notice a significant jump in their follower count by virtue of just hosting a contest or giveaway. This is a powerful way to increase your engagement, reach and gain new followers.

Tip#9: Follow Relevant People

For this bit, you will need to look into your competitors’ Instagram followers, follow them and engage with them. Aim for smaller brands. Observe the comments posted by these followers and gather posting ideas and inspo. Try answering questions left on a competitor’s post by a follower and engage them. This sounds tedious but in time, you’ll start reeling in followers of your own.

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Tip#10: Promote Your IG Page

This should go without saying but linking your Instagram account to other platforms for promotion is a sure way to increase your followers. If you have a blog, include relevant Instagram posts in the blog so you can bring in cross-platform viewers or fans. This will give your Instagram account more visibility in the long-term.

Tip#11: Partner With Other Brands

Collaboration with another brand is a quick way to increase your Instagram followers. Don’t hold back on reaching out to other brands to see if there’s a way that you can work together on Instagram. After all, both parties stand to benefit from a brand collab. If you team up with like-minded businesses and brands, you will be expanding your reach to a wider and more engaged audience that fits your target demographic.

Tip#12: Work With Influencers

Influencer marketing is underrated. Finding an Instagram influencer relevant to your niche and having them promote your brand or product is very effective in growing your follower and sales count. An influencer with a loyal following can give you a shoutout that can increase your Instagram followers. Think about partnerships and sponsorships, especially if you have the budget for it.

Tip#13: Experiment With Video Content

Go wild with creating fun and creative Instagram reels, IGTV series and stories. The average engagement for videos is growing faster than the average engagement for photos, even in a platform that is Image centric like Instagram. With these features, you stand more chances of increasing your visibility and gaining new followers. So go ahead and make that video count!

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Tip#14: Memes!

Using clever memes as part of an Instagram growth strategy may not be for everyone, especially if you don’t want to compromise your brand identity. But the numbers speak for themselves:55% of 13-35-year-olds send memes every single week according to a report. The more people relate themselves to your witty meme content, the more shares and the more engagement you have. That’s an amazing way to get more followers on the ‘gram. Thanks, pop culture!

Tip#15: Get Tagged

This method is especially effective when you’re starting out with a relatively new Instagram account. You can increase your visibility and ultimately your audience by being featured or tagged in other Instagram accounts. If you’re a business, include customer photos in your feed to establish trust and naturally, more customers will start tagging you in posts when they receive their goodies. Alternatively, you can incentivize smaller influencers in your niche to take photos with your product. Interested Instagram followers will roll in.

And that’s a wrap on 15 tips and ways to increase your Instagram reach and followers. Which one is on your list for your 2021 Instagram growth strategy?



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