Display creates a major role in your overall experience, when it comes to playing games. A display can very easily make or break your overall experience. Without good quality gaming monitors, you cannot remotely enjoy your gaming visuals. Computer monitors nowadays are becoming efficient enough to support your high-res gaming needs. Well, if you are looking to buy a gaming monitor, then you have come to the right place. We are going to be sharing with you guys our picks for the 3 best MSI gaming monitors. Let us just dive right in!

MSI Optix MAG272CQR – Affordable MSI Monitors

Display27 in Screen Size, 2560 x 1440
Response TimeLess than 2ms
Refresh Rate165Hz

First up on the list is MSI Optix MAG272CQR. It has a wide screen of 27 inches, which gives you the resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. The bezel is quite narrow so you can get more screen to-body ratio, to enjoy all your visuals ‘larger than life’. The wide viewing angle of 178 degrees along with a curved display also let you indulge more in your viewing pleasures. The colours and overall picture quality let you enjoy gaming visuals the right way.


If we talk about gaming performance, then this monitor can surely take your gaming fun to the next level. With the response time of 1ms and a high refresh rate of 165HZ, you get the ‘smooth as silk’ visuals whilst playing your games without any kind of interruption or distractions. There are absolutely no lags, or motion blur which makes this monitor an even better option. It has an AMD Free-Sync technology as well, which means the frames being pumped out by your GPU are met the right way by your monitor. It lets you play your games without screen tearing and other lags.

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MSI Optix MAG341CQ – Best Budget MSI Monitors

Display34 in Screen Size, 3440  x 1440
Response Time4 – 5ms
Refresh Rate100 Hz

MSI Optix MAG341CQ is a marvelous wide screen curved monitor equipped with a 34 inches screen. You get to see the resolution of 3440×1440 pixels on its 21:9 aspect ratio. It gives you more field of view, which is a great thing to have while you are playing your competitive shooting games. Plus, the wide filed of view can also be helpful while you are performing your multimedia editing tasks.

With the response time of 4ms and a refresh rate of 100Hz, you can get crisp in-game visuals every single time. Playing your open world games will feel absolutely amazing and mesmerizing. Plus, it also has Picture in Picture (PIP) and Picture by Picture (PBP) features, which means you can perform multiple tasks simultaneously, which will save you some time and increase your productivity.

The anti-flicker technology keeps the pesky flickering away from your screen, and never let your visuals get ruined. It also has a low blue light feature, which reduces the intensity of blue light in your visuals so the strain to your eyes remains at minimum.

MSI Optix G273QF – Best MSI Monitors 2021

Display27 in Screen Size, 2550 x 1440
Response Time1ms
Refresh Rate165Hz
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Last one on the list but certainly not the least is MSI Optix G273QF. It has a 27 inches display, which can let you enjoy the resolution 2550×1440 pixels. The bezel is also quite narrow, which gives you a decent screen to body ratio to enjoy your visuals the right way.

The gaming performance of this monitor is pretty good. It gives you the high refresh rate of 165Hz, which makes sure the visuals you see on the screen are always smooth, whether you are gaming or streaming. It also has a quick response time of just 1ms, so you won’t get to face any motion blur or ghosting effect. It also features NVIDIA G-Sync technology, which keeps the GPU and your display in communication with each other.

Bottom Line

Well, these were three of the best MSI gaming monitors you can find on the face of this planet. You can enjoy all your visuals the right way and play games in a carefree manner. So, make sure to visit Laptop Outletg  and choose from these three, or pick your favorite from the wide collection of Gaming monitors.

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