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Thousands of cars break down across the globe on a daily basis, which means that no matter where you are based in the world, there will be a call for a vehicle recovery service in your local area. You could be the one to answer this call by starting your own business in this helpful and incredibly lucrative sector.

Before you dive headfirst into this business venture, be sure to heed the following advice. Here are three top tips on what you must do to start your own vehicle recovery service:

1. Draw up a business plan

Just as you would if you are starting any other type of organization in any other field, you need to draw up a business plan. This will help you to lay solid foundations for your vehicle recovery startup during the initial stages of its inception, it will provide you with ongoing clarity and direction, and it will make your company seem more appealing to potential benefactors.

If you want your business plan to play an active role in the ongoing scalability of your startup, be sure to include the following elements in it:

1. Executive summary (a brief rundown of your company and why you believe it will prove successful).

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2. Inception costs (the price of recovery vehicles and truck insurance).

3. Licenses (the official documentation you require in order to tow vehicles in a safe and lawful fashion).

4. Market research (an analysis of your competitors and their specific strengths and/or weaknesses).

5. Organization and management (an overview of both your legal and internal administration structure).

2. Optimize your safety And when you purchase an item like a tow strap, make sure it’s of high quality and according to safety standards.

The fact that you are going to be towing along heavy vehicles means that you will be liable to encounter all manner of dangers on a daily basis. In order to protect yourself, your colleagues, your clients, and your fellow road users from harm.

Investing in LED flashing lights and beacons is the first action that you should take in this instance. With this type of lighting planted firmly on the roof of your recovery vehicle, you will have the capacity to alert other drivers to the fact that your slow-moving tow truck is nearby.

3. Equip yourself for the job

If you have to provide an optimized level of service time after time, you must have access to cutting-edge recovery tools at all conceivable points. You never know what specific challenges you are going to face every time you are called out to a breakdown, which is why you must invest in a whole host of different solutions.

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Here are some of the basic pieces of equipment that you should have at hand at all times:

  • Jump starter packs
  • Battery boosters
  • Extender blocks
  • Control arm skate
  • Skate skids
  • Forged hooks
  • Claw snaps
  • Roll-up sign system kit


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