Is something ailing your Mac? While MacBooks are potent machines and offer seamless performance, they are not devoid of problems. If you have been using your Mac for a long time, it is common to encounter a few problems. It might be age-related, lack of storage space, or some parts requiring replacement.

However, even if Mac problems are common, they can put you in a fix. For instance, imagine you have to submit a vital report the next day, and your Mac starts freezing or slows down. It can make any sane person want to pick up their system and throw it outside the window.

Luckily, if you know about the common problems, you can quickly find a solution for them. Read on to learn about issues.

Mac fails to boot, and you are staring at a blank screen

If your Mac fails to boot and you are staring at a gray or blank startup screen, you need to boot your device in Safe Mode. Your computer will boot with the bare minimum of drivers and software in this mode. It will also run a check of your startup disk to repair directory issues that might be the reason behind this problem.

Switch on your Mac and press the Shift key to start your system in Safe Mode. When the Apple logo appears, you can let go of the Shift key. You can leave the Safe Mode by restarting your system.

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Mac isn’t charging

So, you have plugged in the charge, but your Mac isn’t charging? First, you have to check whether the problem is with the charger. If you find the charger not working, you have to think of replacing the charger.

However, if the charger is alright and the problem is internal, you can reset the SMC. If the problem persists, you need to check the battery and make sure the battery isn’t the culprit. Also, you can try cleaning the charging port because there might be dust and debris causing interference and not allowing your Mac to charge.

The apps are not responding

Unresponsive applications are a common problem, but they can massively set you back on your schedule. When an application freezes or hangs, it won’t allow you to do anything. You cannot even quit the app. So, it would be best to try force quitting the application by pressing Command + Option + Escape. As the Force Quit option pops up, you have to highlight the apps that are not responding and click the Force Quit button.

If the problem keeps occurring, you need to check if the app has an issue. Sometimes, outdated apps stop responding, and the problem is fixed by updating the app. You will find the application in the App Store, and after installing the latest update, the app should work fine on your computer.

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Your computer cannot connect to the Internet

In today’s digitally-driven world, a Mac that cannot connect to the Internet is useless to the users. But there’s no need to freak out if you encounter this problem. There are times when the Wi-Fi network is giving trouble, and you need to switch off the router and switch it on again. You can also forget the network on your computer and try reconnecting again.

It would be best to go to System Preferences > click on the Network page and select the Advanced button. You will find a list of Preferred Networks. You can click on the ‘-’ button to forget a network and remove it from your list. Then, you can click on the Wi-Fi icon again and reconnect to your preferred network by entering the password.

You can also restart your system and see if the problem solves itself.

Your Mac keeps dying suddenly and frequently

If your system keeps dying while working, you might need to charge your computer. The battery isn’t charging correctly, and you have to replace the battery or the charger.

But if the battery or the charger isn’t the culprit, there might be another issue. After shutting down your computer, you need to restart your system using the power button. When the macOS is loaded, you need to restart the system again. Then, when your Mac has appropriately restarted, you need to reset the SMC. The SMC controls the essential hardware processes in a Mac, including sleep mode and battery charging.

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If resetting the SMC doesn’t do the trick, you need to call a professional or take your system to the nearest Apple service center.

Wrapping up

Macs are fantastic systems, but they are not entirely immune to problems. Occasionally, you may experience issues that might ruin your user experience. However, remember the fixes mentioned above to not dwell on the problems for a long time.


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