The last two years have been very rough for the entire business landscape. The outbreak of COVID-19 forced countless companies to lay off workers and close their doors forever pushing the global economy on a downward spiral. This situation took an especially heavy blow on female entrepreneurs who have just started making room in the industry.

But, the decline of tradition also ignited the rise of the online sector which in this year hit the historic high with total revenue of as much as $26.7 billion (20.8% more than the year before).

So, don’t give up the dreams of starting your own gig. The opportunity is still there – you only need to find the proper tools to make it work in the virtual environment. Let’s see if we can help you along the way.


For years now, Evernote has been considered as one of the most popular productivity tools in existence and for a good reason too. Essentially, Evernote is an app that allows you to easily make and share notes on your device. Regardless of the industry you want to work in, this simple feature can be a lifesaver.

What makes Evernote different from similar alternatives is incredibly hefty storage (premium option goes all the way up to 20GB), the ability to search for text in handwriting and images, streamlined drag-and-drop controls, and the ability to integrate the app with other popular tools like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Slack and others.

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Also, the app is available on all relevant platforms so you are able to manage notes anyplace, anytime.


The efficiency of one online company lies in its ability to bring their remote workers closer together and allow them seamless communication. Slack is an app built with these exact qualities in mind. At first glance, Slack looks just like your average messaging client with a couple of file-sharing features thrown into the mix.

But, spend some time with it and you will see that what we got here is a fully-fledged project manager stacked with useful functions like support for separate communication channels, integration with tools like Dropbox, GitHub, and Google Drive, a bunch of reminder options, and to-do list task management that makes running projects as simple as it gets.

It’s a perfect, all-in-one solution for companies of all scales.

Share Contacts for Gmail

With its staggering number of 1.5 billion active users, Gmail is probably one of the most popular apps in existence. Solid CRM options also make it a perfect pick for countless small and medium companies who use this platform as their primary business tool.

Share Contacts for Gmail is there to make this already punchy workhorse into a full-fledged CRM tool capable of tackling large-scale projects. For instance, the app addresses one of the biggest Gmail issues and finally allows you to share Google contacts between profiles without having to use tiresome export options.

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You also get to archive and sort the Google contacts which can prove to be useful in countless different situations. As we said, the app takes the platform that is already rock-solid and somehow makes it even better.


We may not like it but accounting is one of the important tasks you will have to tackle in your future business. Yes, this is not the best news you will hear these days but on the other hand, you do have FreshBooks – an intuitive cloud-based invoice and accounting software – to make this chore as simple and effortless as humanly possible.

Of course, the key feature of this popular platform is its ability to sync up all mobile and desktop apps, identify the different revenue items, calculate related expenses and offer the owner insight into the overall profits and losses. You also get automated bank reconciliation and credit management which pretty much justifies the price of the subscription alone.

And if you still want to pass these tasks to the professionals, FreshBooks will allow you to invite third-party accountants and give them access to vital financial information.


Stripe is an Irish-American financial service whose main point of focus is the processing of online payments which is absolutely necessary for any sort of online business. The app is simple, it supports a wide variety of payment options, eradicates complex monetary processes, and gives users the ability to bill their customers on an automated month-to-month basis.

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All these things create one perfectly capable solution for all forms of managing, processing, settling, and payment acceptance you can encounter in the SMB sector. And keeping in mind a bunch of subscription options you have at disposal you get all the tools required to scale your company up into the big league.

Of course, the app is web-based and can be used from any modern device.

In conclusion

So, there you have it – the top five tools that should help you to get your future online company off the ground regardless of the field you want to tackle. The last couple of years were very rough for female entrepreneurs. But, as Alexander Graham Bell used to say, “As one door closes, another opens.”

If you are a female entrepreneur of a start-up, you might be concerned about spending too much money on paid tools and software. When resources are limited, hundred-dollar software tools become a luxury. However, that should not put an end to your learning and organization. An easy way around the problem is to use platforms like the pirate bay and download the best tools and software that you would be requiring at the workplace. It is safe, easy, and most importantly, absolutely free!

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The online sector is very alive and it looks in better shape than ever. To all the ladies who want to start their own gig – the time is better than ever and now you have all the tools you need to get started.


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