The love of your life asked you out, and you said yes! And now you guys are planning for your engagement day. Engagement day can be a roller coaster ride with thousands of different emotions. But two of the primary emotions are excitement and stress. Therefore, it is essential that you are all ready and prepared for the day.

One of the main hangings for this special day is the engagement ring. You need to know many things when you are buying an engagement ring so that you can buy the ring of your dreams. But when you are buying the ring, it is very important that you save your money as there are plenty of things you need to get on your engagement day.

Tips to save your money when buying an engagement ring: 

You need to consider some important things when getting the engagement ring so that you can buy the ring of your dreams, not the cheap engagement rings and save the money.

Following are some of those tips to save money.

  • Set a Budget: 

When buying an engagement ring, it is very easy to spend a lot of money as these rings are beautiful and pricy. But when you are going to purchase the engagement rings, it is really important that you set your budget.

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It will clear your mind what the different styles, designs, and weight of the ring you need to look for. Have a number set that will help you get the perfect ring while staying within the limit.

  • Avoid popular shapes: 

If you are looking for engagement rings and want to save your money, then avoid going for popular shapes. Shapes such as circular or oval shapes are the most in-demand. So while getting the engagement look, shapes and designs are not that popular such as square engagement rings, cushion-shaped rings, and many other shapes are also found. Hence, this point will also be a significant point that will help you save your money.

  • Avoiding round cut engagement rings: 

One of the other things you need to consider while getting the engagement rings is avoiding getting the round cut of the diamond stone. The cut of the diamonds has a lot of contribution when it comes to the pricing of the rings.

The round cut is very popular and one of the trendiest cuts of the diamond, but due to tremendous demand, the pricing of these cuts is very high. So if you are trying to get an engagement ring in the budget, don’t opt for these rounds cut in the engagement rings.

  • Limit Micro Pave settings: 
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You can find many different settings of the stones when it comes to the engagement rings. But the most expensive and costly setting is the micropave. The labor of this setting is a lot; therefore, in the end, the ring retailers sell these rings at high prices.

But you can definitely find many other stone settings that can come in your budget.

  • Lower the Clarity of the Stone: 

You know that the four C’s are really important when getting diamond rings. One thing in the four C’s is clarity. If you don’t want to get costly rings, you can lower the clarity of the diamond a bit.

However, you need to be sure that there aren’t a lot of impurities in the stone that alters the structural integrity. But if the stone has a small amount of imperfections, it can lower your engagement ring pricing.

  • Ring with Fancy Metal Work: 

Another great way to make your ring look more beautiful but not increase your budget is by using fancy metal for the ring. Use the metal that has detailing and some kind of art on it. These intricate settings and designs in the metal frame add a luxurious and unique look to the ring and make the ring look bigger and bold.

  • Go for different Diamond Color: 
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While people are looking for a colorless diamond, you can opt for slightly colored diamonds. Visibly both of them don’t have a lot of difference; the only changes between the two stones will be the added impurities. Hence, the clearer the diamond stone is, the pricier it will be.

  • Avoiding three stone engagement rings: 

You might have seen that most people opt for the three stone engagement rings as they are the classic rings for the big day and give a pretty and extravagant look. But when it comes to the cost, these are the most expensive styles of diamond rings.

Therefore, choose some other designs such as the trapezoid or the half-moon are the designs that have fewer stones and, therefore, the best diamond engagement rings if you want to get them within budget.

  • Choosing the Metals: 

Another important thing when you are going to buy your engagement rings is the metal you choose. There are various options for metal such as silver, gold, platinum and many others.

If you are looking to buy the rings for less money, you can choose silver or gold because platinum and other metals such as rose gold can be very expensive.

  • Shop Vintage Rings: 

Rather than going for the typical diamond engagement rings, you can go for the vintage rings. Vintage rings have the least amount of labor, and they also look gorgeous and royal. So if you have a budget and can’t find your dream ring in the diamond form, you can definitely go for the vintage rings.

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Your engagement day is as essential as your wedding day, and the wedding rings and engagement rings difference is vast. So you want that your engagement ring is elegant, classy, and the ring of your dreams. Yet, you want to find all these qualities within a budget. Therefore, you can consider the points mentioned above as this will help you figure out how you can buy the engagement ring by staying within the budget.



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