No matter how good your products or how hard you work to provide great customer experiences, your business needs an active marketing plan with clear goals to succeed. The first step to any successful brand is making people aware of what it is and what the business does. From there, you need to establish a clear relationship between what you can do and what your potential customers need.

Along the way, some innovation will be needed to keep that brand at the front of everyone’s mind so you can make the most of the reputation you cultivate behind its visual appeal. Learning how to add virtual background in Teams to show logos and other important visual elements during company conference calls and customer service video conferencing is a great way to do that, but before taking the practical step and putting it in place, you should also understand how it fits your larger marketing effort.

Build a Clear Visual Brand

Designing a logo and putting it in places like your signage or video call background is vital because visual branding gives the public a quick reminder of your company. Word choice in signage, color selection, and even the appeal of your font are all parts of branding as well, so make sure your approach is comprehensive.

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One of the biggest mistakes beginners make in marketing is throwing all the emphasis on the logo without creating a unified visual design. Another one is failing to consistently communicate that brand, which might require you to bypass Zoom virtual background requirements for some customers.

Get Your Brand on Multiple Platforms

Putting your brand into your conference calling template is important, but spreading awareness of it widely is even more important. Establish a social media presence and make sure your branding is the guide for all things on it, down to the vocabulary and tone in your blog posts and social media interactions. This is how you make the visual branding that sets your business apart familiar to potential customers.

Network Your Business

Use those social media channels alongside industry-focused networking events and online spaces to make sure your company connects to other businesses in the area. This can help you with referrals when a near competitor has a potential client whose needs fit your area of expertise, and it also lets you establish the connections you need to meet business owners who might be able to cross-market with you or to provide other opportunities for you to build a customer base.

Build a Strong Web Presence

Your company needs resources to appeal to those who are seeking the kind of service you provide directly, when they are searching. That is why an SEO optimized website with rich resources and clear contact information continues to be an essential point of online marketing, even as people spend more and more time on social media.

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Establish Opt-in Marketing Channels

Opt-in marketing allows potential customers to get messaging on purpose. Branded Zoom backgrounds are one example, since clients only see them when they initiate contact with a company representative. More substantial efforts that give you room to advertise sales and promotions include email and SMS messaging lists. To make the most of them, design some promotions that are only accessible to the customers who opt in, making it the desirable end point of all your other marketing efforts.


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