You think that breakups hurt the most? Well, have you been ever in love with someone who has never been in love with you in the first place? How annoying that could be, right? Putting in all your efforts for someone who isn’t even scared of losing you, is the worst feeling ever. However, there is nothing you can do about the situation other than moving on from such a person. It is not desired to love a person who doesn’t love you back or even care about you. You must be wondering if moving on from that person was so easy, you would have moved on by now, right?

However, it is absolutely possible. How? It’s simple. Treat yourself right. Love yourself the way you love them. Get yourself online birthday cake delivery and treat your taste buds right, do things that make you happy and the list goes on to get over the person gradually yet successfully. So, let us guide you on how to move on from someone who doesn’t deserve you love and affection at all. Let’s get started!

  • Stop Stalking Them:

Aren’t you embarrassed by the number of times you keep on stalking them on their various social media platforms? I know, you are. You have to stop doing that. I know it’s not easy to control your fingers reaching their profile, however, every time, you get an urge to stalk them, you rather open a profile of your favorite celebrity, that will help you from distracting yourself from landing on their social media accounts. How will this stop you from stalking them? Well, gradually you will be visiting their profile a lesser number of times than you would on other days.

  • Cut Off With Them:

You must have promised a thousand times that you won’t contact them the next time, yet you will find yourself texting them after an hour. You need to cut all your contacts from them. Yes, stop calling or texting them. That is how, you will ever be able to move on from them. First few days will be tough for you, how beer, once you start enjoying the peace without them in your life, you would yourself not want to talk to them. It does not necessarily ask you to block them from your social media and contact list, however, you can really keep them in your contact and still choose not to talk to them.

  • Don’t Fall For Their Fake Sweet Promises:

Just when they start realizing that you are about to make an exit from their life, they would do anything to keep you. Yes, they will suddenly becom

e all sweet and nice to you. They will pay more attention to you. However, if you happen to fall for these traps, my friend, in a span of sometime, you will realize that it was all short-lived. So, if you show the encouragement of not falling in their honey trap, order cake online for yourself 


  • Do Things That They Asked You To Refrain From:

Well, there must be a number of things that the person might have asked you to stop doing. Be it any of your hobbies or be it gelling up with your friends, do what makes you happy. Did you get anything on stopping yourself from doing things that you loved? No, right? Now that you have already decided to kick that person out of your life, make yourself the happiest by making yourself feel loved and appreciated by doing things that interest you.

  • Never Blame Yourself:

Often when we don’t receive the love from the person we loved the most, we start blaming ourselves for lacking something from our personality that makes us unlovable. That is the wrong  thing you could ever do to yourself. Never blame yourself for the other person’s actions and intentions. You have to remind yourself that you are perfect, you have done everything that no one ever does for that person, yet if they choose to be a jerk, it’s time to take away your valuable love and affection and move on in life. You will surely get someone who will love you the way you deserve to be loved. 

So, move on, fly high and shine bright. Leave all the toxicity behind, God has a beautiful plan for you ahead.

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