If you’ve ever thought about renovating your home, then you may be wondering if there are quick remedies that don’t cost too much. If you were to consider skylight installation Melbourne is an ideal place. Or you might opt for some cladding or wall decoration. Spruce up the garden a little. Repaint the roof.


All of these add value to the home and it doesn’t have to break the bank.


Do you want to be inspired? Read further to find out more.


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Refurbish the Roof

There’s nothing quite like a new roof to brighten up a place. If you have loose shingles, replace them and repaint the roof. Charcoal black speaks sophistication, and isn’t garish. It blends in well with the environment too.


Make sure you get an undercoating that will glue the paint to the roof, or the colour will wear out quickly.


If you do just this and nothing else, you’ll make your home a welcoming sight in your neighbourhood.


Add Skylights

One of the most captivating features in a house is light. If you add custom skylights, you open up your house to the outside world, and you bring in the warmth and brightness of the sky.

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You could add them to any area where there is little light, or you can add them simply to increase a sense of being connected to nature.


Ideal places are:

  • Passage and entrance-ways
  • Closets
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Attics

With modern technology and designs, you’ll easily be able to fit a few in without huge costs.


Spruce up the Garden

The garden is an ideal place to start making your house look stunning. You can start by adding green perennial shrubs which don’t require much looking after. Then you can plant a few flowers either in rows or less formally, to resemble a meadow.


Add a rose trellis and a little bench. It creates a quaint picture. In fact, a porch swing bed with lots of cushions is often one of the most welcoming sights a home can have. It may just draw kids outside more often.


If you put in a pond, fish and other creatures will entertain little ones for hours. And the sound of water flowing over stones is always soothing.


So, any investment in your garden is well worth the cost.

Then you can plant a few flowers either in rows or less formally, for brooklyn moving company

Create a Pretty Driveway

One of the most eye-catching details in a home is a driveway or path. You can of course use cement, but that’s a little boring. Why not use some light, caramel bricks, or river stones.

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For a showstopper, create a curving pathway with small bushes to line it. With minimal input you have a picturesque entrance to your house.


Create an Interesting Wall

The outside walls of your home create a wonderful opportunity to have an artistic space:

  • You could have a wall of stone with metal words on it that tell a story, such as your family’s history.
  • Paint a mural describing a scene.
  • Choose some light face-brick to give interest and sophistication to the space.
  • Create a space for hanging plants and have greenery as the main feature.


You know that whatever you choose to do, you’ll develop an eye-catching area you’ll love and that will increase your property value thanks to its aesthetic appeal.


Renew the Garage Door

If you have everything else looking beautiful, but a garage door that looks neglected or drab, it will detract from the overall impression. And the good news is that it doesn’t have to be a huge change! Upgrade your garage door to a wooden one for a classic look or simply paint it in the same hue as the roof. This will add a sense of unity to the different elements on your property.


A quality garage door can also add quite a bit of value to the price of the home.

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Add Some Indoor Plants

If you want to do a little more for the inside of the house, you could add indoor, potted plants. There’s nothing quite a like a plant to invigorate, provide oxygen, and give a sense of peace and tranquillity in a home.


You can use water-wise plants, if you’re all about green living. For beauty, use more attractive, trailing plants or ferns.


No matter your choice, greenness adds interest to a space.


Put in a Mirror and Some Paintings

A mirror really opens up a space. If you hang a mirror in a dark space, or put one in a small room, you amplify the roominess of your house, and inject more light. In addition, you have the opportunity to decorate, all thanks to the choice of frame. Whether you use a distressed wood frame or an ornate brass one, the new feature is sure to garner attention.



You don’t have to go big when doing home improvements. One or two changes or additions will suit any budget, and give your home a brighter and more expensive look. If you have more tips for us, please share!


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