With summer fast approaching, you might be thinking of updating your entertainment area. Aside from new flooring and furniture, providing shade features among the top—smartest—modifications that homeowners invest in.


One of the quickest ways to provide shade and simultaneously add a new look to your space is by installing a few folding arm awnings around your home. How are these awnings different from their traditional counterparts? What are the benefits of choosing this option? Read on to find out.


What Are Folding Arm Awnings?

Folding arm awnings are different from regular awnings because they don’t need a post or bracket to hold them in place. Rather, this type of awning easily folds against the building.


Arm awnings work manually or with a motor. Customise your awning by choosing from a large assortment of colours and materials. With a range of sleek designs on offer that boasts stylish functionality, it’s easy to install on either residential or commercial buildings. No matter what façade, folding arm awnings are fast becoming the preferred awning type across Australia.


Benefits of Installing Folding Arm Awnings

Depending on the type of structure you have, opting for a folding arm awning will definitely be the better option. Keep reading as we discuss some of the top reasons to choose an arm awning.

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1.      Retractable

The top reason to consider folding arm awnings is that they are completely retractable. This means that it’s as simple as pressing a button to decide how much of the awning you want to expose. In turn, this will give you more or less shade, depending on your preference. When you don’t need them, simply retract them to be out of sight.


2.      Durability

Another reason homeowners prefer the folding arm version above regular awnings is its durability. Unlike regular awnings, the folding arm versions aren’t constantly exposed to sun and other weather elements. Since retracting can protect the fabric, it will increase the lifespan.


3.      Multi-purpose Use

Regular awnings are primarily designed to cover windows and doors. The more modern folding arm awnings, however, are more useful. Depending on the size you opt for, your folding arm awning can protect your car space, pool or even extend out to create shade for your outdoor entertainment area.


This makes these awnings great for adding shade and additional protection from the elements when you’re enjoying your outdoor space.


4.      Highly Customisable

Many years ago when awnings first made their appearance, designs were reasonably standard. Fortunately, that has all changed! Folding arm awnings are available in a wide variety of fabrics, colours, frames and styles. This means it will be super easy to find an awning that complements your existing outdoor décor.

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Most folding arm awning designs don’t require visible screws and provide a clean, seamless look. Bracket material boasts a superior-quality aluminium and create a modern look to any space. It’s also a great way to add a touch of style and functionality to any space.


5.      Easy Maintenance

When you’re adding upgrades and renovations to your home, products that require little maintenance are usually the top choice. More good news with arm awnings is that they are extremely easy to clean and don’t require extensive maintenance.


Since these awnings fold down or retract when not in use, they are protected from the sun, meaning less damage and less repairs. Cleaning is as simple as rinsing any dust off with water and air drying.


6.      Affordable

Another primary reason many homeowners opt for arm awnings is that they’re affordable. In addition, being very customizable, without hiking up the price, adds to the appeal. Homeowners can get the best possible awning for their space within their budget.


7.      Automated Options

Some folding arm awnings work with a motor. This takes the labour out of using a manual crank to get the awning up and down. With motorised awnings, the simple press of a button on a remote control retracts or extends the awning. Therefore, you have better control over how and when your awning works.

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Wind, rain and sun sensors easily connect to a motorised awning to retract or extend when the sensor detects a change in the weather pattern. This protects the awning from damage in heavy rain or winds.


8.      Keep the Party Going

If you’re planning an outdoor lunch or dinner on your patio, rain could really put a damper on your plans. After doing your awning renovation however, as long as it’s not a heavy rainstorm, you can still extend your awning to keep your guests dry. It’s a simple and stylish way to keep your outdoor space accessible all year round.


Final Thought

Investing in a folding arm awning is one of the quickest ways to give your outdoor space a complete makeover. Since they’re retractable, you can have the peace of mind that your investment is safe from harsh sun or wind. On the other hand, if you need a bit of shade over your pool or patio area, what better way to get it than with a customisable folding arm awning? Add an affordable touch of style to your outdoor space this year!




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