Winter will be coming, which means that everyone is curl up in sweatshirts and pyjamas in front of the television, anticipating the melting of the snow in three months. At this point in your life, it’s unlikely that fitting into that bikini swimsuit (and looking good in it) is at the top of your priority list. That’s fine; you still have plenty of time to become in better shape. You also need to put some bombay mix and snacks on your tv couch snacks.

Although this is a positive outlook, the difficulty with it is that most people fuel the fire by ingesting unhealthy foods. Even if you simply have a sedentary lifestyle for a few months, it is detrimental to your health. If you want to unwind this winter, go ahead and do it. At the very least, make sure you eat well. Here are some delightful and nutritious snacks to consume while you’re sitting in front of the television.

Bombay Mix

Although it is best avoided at the movies, you can make Bombay Mix at home in a healthful manner for a healthier alternative. Traditional Indian snack, the spicy hot bombay mix contains gramme flour noodles, peanuts, green lentils, and rice. It is spiced with chilli, turmeric, and paprika for extra heat, and it is served with chutney. This dish will be enjoyed by vegetarians.

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bombay mix 300x300 - 9 Delicious and Healthy TV Couch Snacks


In addition to being abundant in antioxidants, fibre, and good fats, pistachios are also a heart-healthy snack. Approximately 170 calories, 6 grammes of protein, and 3 grammes of fibre are contained in a half-cup meal. Keep in mind that one serving contains 14 grammes of fat, so don’t consume too many of them. What matters most in this environment are the shells. Because they are more difficult to open, they necessitate more effort, resulting in you eating more slowly.

Red Grapes

Naturally, fruits and vegetables were included in this list, as was to be expected. No matter how much people try to avoid fruits and vegetables these days, there will never be a processed snack meal that comes close to matching the nutritional and health benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables. Among the varieties of grapes available, red grapes are the most popular. Red grapes are nature’s answer to sweet candy, and they’re also filled with anti-oxidants and vitamins to boot.


Mini-pizzas Forget about shopping in the frozen food section. Anyone may prepare their own healthful frozen pizza at home using a toaster. All you need is a whole wheat muffin English, tomato sauce, and low-fat mozzarella cheese to make this delicious sandwich. As you incorporate more veggies and herbs into the dish, it will become healthier and tastier.

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Pita chips with hummus

This is yet another nutritious snack that you will have to prepare yourself. All you’ll need is a huge whole wheat pita to make this dish. Cut the pita’s edge into pieces the size of potato chips. Cook in the oven until crispy before serving with your favourite hummus or dip recipe.. In general, the price you pay for relying on pre-packaged commodities to perform the heavy lifting for you is your physical well being.

Relish Tray

Pickled vegetables from the Relish Tray are low in calories and provide a healthy alternative to foods processed that are high in fat and sugar. By marinating your vegetables in vinegar or heart-healthy olive oil, you can cut down on the amount of salt you ingest. Because fruits and vegetables are abundant in water, they can assist you in losing weight by providing you with a full, satisfied feeling without providing you with additional calories.

Green Tea

However, while you may not consider green tea to be a snack, the health benefits of drinking one green tea cup every day can allow you to indulge in a little more than you would normally while still maintaining your weight. This beverage is effective since it has been demonstrated to effectively stimulate and accelerate a person’s metabolism. While doing so, it helps you to feel more full and healthier as a result of your meal.

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Protein Bars

If you want to consume a chocolate candy bar, this is the healthiest option available. When it comes to snacking on these, the best argument is that they aren’t trigger foods like crackers and potato chips, so you won’t feel forced to consume a huge amount at once. Protein assists in the growth of lean muscle mass, which is important if you plan on being sedentary until the end of the winter season.


Popcorn is something that should be avoided at the movies, but it is possible to make it at home in a nutritious manner. A bucket of oil-popped movie theatre popcorn contains the equivalent of three to five double cheeseburgers’ worth of saturated fat. Popcorn that has been air-popped, on the other hand, is a relatively healthy snack. The average cup of popcorn contains only 93 calories and 1.5 grammes of fat.

Popcorn 300x300 - 9 Delicious and Healthy TV Couch Snacks

Obviously, this should go without saying, but if you can incorporate some movement into your TV watching, you will be able to consume even more snack foods. Aside from sitting up or pushing yourself up during commercials, you can also get up and move about while watching television to keep yourself active. You can burn calories simply by moving your body in a stretch. Anything is preferable to being confined to a chair for hours on end. This is something you do a lot of while you’re asleep.

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You are not obligated to eat poorly simply because you want to remain in and relax. Instead of stocking up on junk food when the snow melts, try making the meals described above instead. You’ll look better in your bikini and won’t be exerting as much effort. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the year, it is necessary to make an effort.


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