This company has been a steam roller in the industry since its proprietary trading software launched. Users of Bitcoin Pro have been eagerly awaiting what changes were coming to the company as they kept it a mystery for a few reasons. Not only have we been surprised by a rebrand, but it also included some sweet updates for their product and website. Stick around as we discuss how the rebrand will propel this company forward and broaden its reach in the cryptocurrency market.


Officially Making Their Mark

Right now, the cryptocurrency market is going through various challenges worldwide. With regulations on the rise, it’s a great time to be the frontrunner for adaptation among adversity. First and foremost, the rebrand did have a cosmetic purpose, as their website had some outdated imagery, and their logo and overall marketability needed some help at the time.


Now, you’ll find a sleek and professional new logo alongside a white and light-blue color pattern that’s easy on the eyes. This has all been structured so their professional image will be easier to remember. Moreover, these cosmetic changes gave Bitcoin Pro a chance to include some updates to their website, and you can find a brief list of this addition below.


New to The Website

  • More additions to their FAQ section
  • Updates on their risk notice that include information on how to mitigate loss
  • A more precise description of the advantages their software can provide
  • New information on the AI that makes their software as great as it is
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Users haven’t been increasing the amount of time they spend on the software with the updates to its UI. The included update provides the potential for more accurate trading calls ever during a highly volatile market. Currently, competitors of Bitcoin Pro are struggling to adapt to the ongoing talk of regulation of cryptocurrency. Even if it’s online, one country that decides to regulate any aspect of trading crypto, it’ll affect the rest of the world by default.

More substantial Brand Presence and Userbase

Bitcoin Pro’s recent rebrand has provided the company additional opportunities in the crypto market. This is due to the recent public comments about the company spreading online. Furthermore, the company plans on using this buzz to expedite its roadmap where it can. The company’s team members also spend a decent amount of time in online forums within the crypto space to discuss what the company has to offer and to obtain user feedback on a more personal level.

As far as the industry is concerned, having this kind of traction online will gain the attention of more prominent corporate players.

Bitcoin Pro also has plans to work with other companies of similar interest. This shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish, considering Bitcoin Pro has more users than many of their competitors out there.

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The company also has the lowest initial deposit requirements around, with crypto traders being able to start with as little as $250. That’s all you’ll need to set up your entire crypto portfolio for more significant potential. Of course, with more of an online presence comes more feedback from cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This is bound to bring in some form of criticism, but the company will use this to adapt and overcome.

Raising the Bar

Considering how fast Bitcoin Pro is moving on its trajectory, this is causing other company’s in the market to work harder and provide more value if they want to compete. However, it’s not only about competition, but it’s a factor each company has to keep in mind. There are leaders in every sector, and once the community of those industries decides who that is, it can be challenging to change that status.

Luckily for the team members at Bitcoin Pro, they’ve been taking the proper steps for quite a while now, making it increasingly difficult for other trading software to compete. Right now, the company is taking a breath of fresh air after such a successful rollout, but they’re back to work on the next milestone.

To Close

It’s clear that Bitcoin Pro’s rebrand went precisely how they wanted and exceeded expectations regarding receptivity. Although regulation isn’t getting slammed on the table overnight, it’s coming down the pipeline at a rapid pace on a global scale. The company is prepared to adapt to each governments changing laws or regulations so their users’ portfolios can continue to thrive.

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