The benefits of spending time in nature are, by now, well-understood by everyone, especially parents. You know that it’s the best type of activity for your children’s mental and physical well-being because prolonged, vigorous, and consistent outdoor activities boost mental and physical health and promote growth. And where do you count that children feel happier when they spend time outdoors?

Unfortunately, even if you are aware of the countless benefits your children would have if they’d spend more time in nature, you still struggle to find time to fit outdoor activities into your daily schedule. It looks like it’s challenging to find a convenient time or the right activities to get your family outside the house. And you couldn’t help but notice that your children suffer as a result because you deprive them of a crucial component in their development.

This article will help you identify ways to maximize outdoor time.


Find out if your children are natural adventurers

Most kids are natural adventurers because they love to explore their surroundings. However, if you’re living in the city and have no idea if your children would love to spend time in nature, you must take them out in a forest or park and encourage them to engage in some activities. If they seem to enjoy playing outdoors and are fascinated by the surroundings, you have some little adventurers who wouldn’t take a step back from spending more time outside the house.

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Explore the outdoors together

The best way to grow your children’s interest in the outdoors is to explore nature and the outdoors together. They’ll find it easier to learn to enjoy nature if they follow your example. Take them on walks around the park and forest hikes from a young age to teach them to love the outdoors. As they grow, you can diversify the activities and do something new every time you get outside the house. From chasing butterflies to reading under a tree and going on a bike run, there are several outdoor activities you can do together with your children. Any activity that involves getting out of the house increases their interest in outdoor play.

Sign up your children for a camp

It’s crucial that your kids’ minds stay active while they’re out of school, and sending them to camps in Queens can prove very helpful. You can choose from a variety of day camps in Queens if you want to send them to a day summer program. The great thing about summer camps is that they provide a wide range of activities and opportunities your children can enjoy. However, make sure to discuss with them the kind of activities they’d be interested in and the skills they’d like to acquire. There’s definitely something that interests or helps your children explore their passions, so discover it and pick a camp that meets their needs. Attending a camp isn’t only about having fun and learning new things.

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Replace organized activities with unorganized ones

Most parents pack their children’s after-school calendars with countless play dates and sports, making it difficult to find room for outdoor activities that have the only purpose of connecting the kids with nature. If you also did this, it’s time to cancel some of them and tell your friends to use their free time to get outside the house and play. Make spending time outdoors a rule and set a timer for how long they should stay outside. They might find it difficult to part with their digital devices initially, but once they discover how many entertainment opportunities the outdoors offer, they’ll want to spend all their free time out of the house.

Go to outdoor concerts and movies

Another way to spend some quality time with your children outdoors is to attend an event that mixes the outdoors with a movie or concert. That would be an entertaining way to get the children out of the house. Look for family-friendly outdoor concerts or movie screenings in your area and book tickets.

Outdoor movies and events are usually organized during summer months in town squares, so make sure to take advantage of the opportunity. When choosing an outdoor activity to attend, ensure the whole family will enjoy it.

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Join a community organization that encourages children to interact with the outdoors

Only because you don’t have the time or resources to plan outdoor activities doesn’t mean your children shouldn’t attend one. Search for community organizations in your area that design programs intended to facilitate interaction with nature. These organizations plan activities like tree planting and caring where children can join adults in planting trees in forests or can adopt a tree; they care long term. You can also enroll your children in a green generation club that teaches them about the benefits of spending time outdoors and encourages them to participate in various activities. Joining such a club keeps the children involved and introduces them to peers with similar interests. It also adds some fun to their routine and keeps them busy when you cannot plan family activities due to your busy schedule.

Ask your children to take the family dog for a walk

Dogs are the ideal companions for children and if you don’t have one, think about adopting one. As you already know, dogs need regular walks during the day, which would require your child to get out of the house. If you adopt a puppy, your children will enjoy playing with them but also become more responsible because they need to care for their furry friend. Teach them how to feed them and take them for walks in the park and around the neighborhood. It’s a great idea to join them for the walks in the first months so you can supervise them and ensure they can handle the pet.

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Also, pick a route that’s not too strenuous for your kids because you don’t want to feel too exhausted and associate walking the dog with a negative activity.

Final words

As you can read from the above paragraphs, you only need a little planning and creativity to take your kids outdoors. Which one of the above ideas would you like to try?



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