Imagine spending time on the tropical white sands every morning and relaxing in the afternoon in a luxurious mansion overlooking the sea. Eat fresh, locally grown tropical fruits that you can’t find in a typical grocery store. Think about the strength you get from the day you surf the waves. If you want a week-long, all-inclusive luxury surf adventure, then you should visit a surf camp in Costa Rica. You can relax, recharge and enjoy the paradise of Costa Rica. Experience all of this and more at one of the best adult surf camps in Costa Rica.


Surfing is one of the most popular sports in Costa Rica. An initiative to declare the sport as a public interest has come into effect for its sports, economic, and tourist relevance. According to data given by the Surf Federation, every year, about 400-600 thousand tourists are attracted to the country, mainly for surfing.


Activities To Do In Costa Rica


A surf camp in Costa Rica is the place to be when you want a luxurious experience. Starting with a 420- square-foot private room with a spacious bathroom and rainfall shower, you can only expect the best of this adult surf school. The dramatic sea view from the room will help you start the day when preparing for a professional surfing lesson. But with so much to do outdoors, you don’t want to make yourself too comfortable in your room.

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When you’re not surfing, you can take a private walking path to the Manners Garden and eat some of the traditional Costa Rica food grown, cooked, and served on the premises. Don’t be surprised to find wild animals such as monkeys, toucans, and sloths on an outdoor adventure. The weather is perfect for swimming day and night. If you like light meals, fresh juices, and a glass of wine, the chef will be happy to serve you a delicious meal.

Ride a horse on the beach at sunrise or sunset, enjoy the mountain views, take an exhilarating ATV tour in the mountains, or mountain bike on hiking trails near towns and resorts. These are some fun and exciting activities that you and your group can enjoy during the beach and surf sessions while staying in one of the best adult surf camps in Costa Rica. You also have enough privacy and time to read a book in a hammock.

 Facilities At The Surf Camp

The facilities you may get while staying at a memorable surf camp in Costa Rica include all the basics, so you don’t have to worry about your budget for food and amenities on arrival. In addition to arranging a private suite, your surfing experience includes:

  • Pick up and drop to and from the airport.
  • Daily breakfast and lunch service at the villa or beach. Enjoy a three-course dinner prepared with local dishes such as fresh fish and tropical ingredients directly from the farm to the table. Enjoy complimentary light meals, juices, wines, and beers in the kitchen run by a professional chef.
  • Get various types of massage to relax and relieve your muscles by the professionals.
  • Access to an uncrowded beach where you can relax and sunbathe.
  • Pilates classes are specially designed to help you relax, calm and recharge.
  • If someone in your group has a particular dietary need or preference, their in-house gourmet chef can quickly meet all the needs of an individual.
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The highlight of your experience is surfing. After all, the opportunity to surf is the main reason to visit a surfing camp for adults, families, and groups! Bring clothes, surf suits, and a positive attitude to have a great experience.

Author Name: Mary Kate


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