Whether you are super diligent about cleaning your house and brushing the crumbs off the dining table, pests can still come to your home. If you feel that your home has become an attraction for pests all around you, then there may be something to it. Without knowing, you may be attracting pests to your abode. So, before you go looking for the best Austin pest control, it is time to consider what it is that is attracting pests to your home.

Lots of Papers

If you have piles of papers wasting away at your home, then it can cause an infestation of pests! This is surprising because the last thing you would have thought is that papers attract these little creatures! But it is a fact. That is why getting rid of those papers that are really of no use or are not really touched is a good idea. They are just rotting away and have no use. So, take them out of the house and put them in the trash.

House Plants

That’s right, these are other things that attract a lot of pests to your home. House plants are living things and many pests will feed on them or use them as a safety net. So, it is a good idea to inquire whether a house plant is a pest attractor or not before buying one.

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Bedding That is Not Washed

It is a great insect attractor. Leaving bedding unwashed can be bad for the pest situation at home. This is because your unwashed bedding has sweat, mucus, saliva, skin cells, and maybe even excrement. These can attract many types of pests. That is why washing your bedding once a week or regularly is a great idea.

You Have Pets

Another thing that could be attracting pests on your property is if pets are living on it. Cats and dogs will bring fleas and ticks inside. Pets can also make you store extra food inside the house, and they can also lead to crumbs spreading all through. All this can attract pests.

There is Stagnant Water

Another thing that may be attracting pests to your house is if there is stagnant water. Whether it is your pets leaving drinking water behind that is not cleared for days or any puddle of muddy water on your property, they can give rise to pests like mosquitoes and flies.

How to Keep Property Pest-Free

  1. Clean the Kitchen

It is crucial to keep the kitchen as clean as possible to keep pests away. Whether it is oil stains or food stains, pests get attracted to foodstuff easily.

  1. Block Their Entry
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This is another helpful thing to keep pests away. When you block the entries they keep coming in from, the chances of them coming to your home are smaller.

  1. Don’t Let Water Stagnate

It is best not to have an area where water collects by itself.

Pests can ruin the quality of life, and hence keeping your property pest-free should be a goal to have.


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