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Truth is, investing in a good online mattress will cost some cash. While we can’t afford to buy just any kind of mattress, we can’t also afford to have our mattresses get damaged in a short time. We will want to enjoy it for many years as possible. That’s why having a mattress protector is important.

What is a mattress protector?

A mattress protector is a removable mattress cover put on a mattress to insure it against dirt, bugs, spills, allergies and stains. It’s as simple as that: you need a mattress protector to enhance the durability of your mattress.

What to look for when buying a mattress protector

You can’t just get any mattress protector. You must get one that will be able to deliver. So, what do you need to look out for before getting one?

1. Material

Before you decide on a specific mattress protector, check out the material with which it is made. Cotton, tencel, and bamboo are great materials for a mattress protector.

2. Customer reviews

Customer reviews can also guide you on how to buy a mattress protector. What are customers saying about it? Check for online customer reviews before buying that mattress protector.

3. Price

Mattress protectors have varying prices. Some are cheap and some are expensive. You get what you pay for. While cheap mattress protectors are not necessarily bad (some are effective), many of them are made from cheap materials which won’t give you your heart desire.

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However, note that it is expensive does not mean it’s of more quality.

Pocket coil mattress vs Regular Innerspring Bed: What’s the difference?

 Between a pocket coil mattress and the traditional spring bed, which should you get and why:

1. Shape of the bed

A traditional Innerspring is made with connected springs, forming one unit. Each of these springs has a figure eight shape that makes it wide above and beneath, and thin in the middle. With this construction, weak points come up and this will lead to the damage of the springs.

However, a pocket coil mattress is uniform from top to bottom. Therefore, there are no weak points and the springs hold up much longer than the regular innerspring.

2. Provides great support when you sleep

A pocket coil mattress possesses individual coils that respond to movement when you sleep, hence eradicating stress. Your weight is evenly distributed on the mattress as a result of its construction and design.

4. Not expensive

At the first introduction of pocket coil mattress, it was costlier than the traditional spring mattress. However, due to advance in design and materials, the cost of manufacturing reduced to a large extent. You don’t have to break a bank before getting an excellent mattress again. But think of it, even if you have to pay extra, pocket coil mattress is worth it in terms of the comfort and durability it provides.

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4. Suitable for couples

The regular innerspring, due to the way it’s designed, can squeak, and disturb your sleep as you move on the bed. You would not want this to happen. A pocket coil mattress helps with this. It supports you noiselessly and reduces movement, making you have an undisturbed sleep and a nice time with your spouse or loved one.


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