Running a daily routine sometimes makes us feel bored. The density of activities and demands that come sometimes make our motivation decrease. This can also have an impact on decreasing one’s life satisfaction and happiness. Cultivating motivation or inspirational quotes on a regular basis can help to continue to increase the positive thoughts that exist within us. We can also feel these five benefits indirectly when we are able to motivate ourselves on a regular basis.


  1. Be a source of enthusiasm

Many things we go through in one day are indeed countless. When you’re feeling down, reading positive words can help to re-stimulate the positive energy we need to get through the day.


  1. Reminder of your goals

To achieve the goal, one of which requires consistency and this of course can go up and down, especially if the mood is not good. That’s why motivation is here as a reminder not to give up on your goals!


  1. Always give positive energy

Building positive energy every day can make us avoid stress. In addition, by building positive energy, we can also feel happier and grateful for the life we ​​live today.


  1. Help fight fear

Everyone certainly has a fear, one of which is when trying new things. Excessive worry and fear, of course, can hinder our journey to be successful. Therefore, by motivating yourself every day that fear slowly begins to erode.

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  1. Help us to be consistent

To be consistent in doing something is not easy. Sometimes situations and unfavorable moods make that consistency decrease slowly. Therefore, motivating yourself can be an alternative so you can be consistent with your goals.


There are many things that can be done to grow motivation in you, such as cultivating positive thoughts and applying words that can make you motivated and excited so that you are always grateful every day. Everyone will definitely be down when their playmates have achieved success while you are still at the same point. Facing such a situation makes some people feel inferior and seem to be hit by the situation.


Keep in mind that a little hit is very natural, but don’t get too caught up in that feeling that makes your life full of pessimism. Well, here are 5 motivations you need to know, when in such a situation.


  1. Believe that you will be successful, it’s just that it’s not time yet

You need to understand that everything in this world will have its own time and time. Maybe now success is not on your side because it is still hindered by the time factor, stop being discouraged and believe that you will also achieve success someday as long as you are diligent and always try to do your best.

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  1. Be grateful that you already have happiness even though you live a mediocre

You need to be grateful for everything you have now. Even though you are still living just barely, but actually God has given the best for you. You never know that your friends who are already successful actually have a problem that makes them not fully enjoy the success. It’s just that they cover the problem by emitting a beautiful and proud smile.


  1. Turn your envy and inferiority into an encouragement

Having a sense of inferiority amid the success of friends is very natural. Just don’t drift too far. Try to stop making envy and inferiority a barrier, but make it an encouragement to achieve your dreams of achieving success.


  1. Don’t give up and keep trying because success doesn’t come for free

The success that your friends achieve does not come for free. So stop giving up and surrender to your current situation. Continue to continue your struggle with effort and hard work because achieving success usually goes through a long process and stage.


  1. Don’t make their success the standard because you can achieve more than that

Don’t make the success of your friends the highest benchmark that you must achieve. Make it the most basic of your dreams so that this can motivate you to keep trying harder and harder. Make a target that you must be able to achieve more success than what they are achieving now.

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Motivation is needed by all people at various age levels. Be it, adults or children. Basically, motivation is a psychological impetus for someone to take an action. Motivation is divided into 2 types, namely intrinsic motivation or internal orientation and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation or internal orientation motivation is when a person expends passion in doing an action without any external encouragement.


Meanwhile, extrinsic motivation is a person’s reaction caused by external encouragement. For example, when someone is heartbroken and not passionate about life, then his best friend pushes him to get up and forget the problem. After that, the person who was heartbroken responded.


A person needs to motivate himself so that life becomes more passionate. The easiest thing to use motivation to carry out activities of daily living is to wake up early. After that do light exercise and breakfast, before undergoing activities. With a positive routine, life is more passionate.


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