Whether you’ve got a small or large company, hiring is among the top challenges you’ll face in your journey to success. When hiring for long-term and/or permanent positions, the stakes are even higher.

So, what’s your way out? Direct hire staffing with support from a recruitment agency.


What’s Direct Hire Staffing?

Also known as direct or permanent placement, direct hire staffing is a hiring method that targets employees with attractive compensations and benefits, to retain them in the long term.

When you sign up for direct hire staffing services from Kinetix, you’ll earn a top-notch hiring plan that helps you beat the competition and acquire top permanent talent in your field.


Why Direct Hire Staffing?

Because it offers the following attractive benefits:


1. Time Savings

Direct hiring processes are typically lengthy and time-consuming, especially when handled by a hiring team that isn’t well experienced. Not to mean that your in-house hiring team isn’t good enough, but you can’t compare its experience with the many years of experience that a staffing agency has.

An agency will have quick access to a wide pool of highly qualified permanent employees, and their experience will come in handy in picking the best candidates swiftly.


2. Reduced Turnover

By itself, direct hiring is an excellent way to reduce abnormally high turnover rates, since it offers compelling advantages to the associated employees. Now, direct hire staffing with the help of a leading staffing agency unlocks benefits like better candidate matches, reduced hiring mistakes, ongoing candidate support, and satisfactory salary & benefits negotiation, among others that make employees want to work with you longer.

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3. Attract a Wider Pool of Candidates

Most of the job seekers in any industry would be more interested in a full-time role as opposed to part-time jobs. The reason is that such workers want to be part of a team. They want to grow in their career in a company that values them and be connected to the company’s success over a longer period.

Did you know that 46% of job applicants consider company culture as the most important factor in their job acceptance decision? Unpredictable business conditions and tougher economic times will make this number go higher even more.


4. The Hires Are Highly Committed

The top disadvantage of working with contract-to-hire or other short-term employees is that they aren’t as committed to your company’s goals and culture as permanent employees. Reason? They already know that they aren’t in it for the long haul.

Permanent employees, on the other hand, get into your payroll from day one. They have a greater buy-in and are more committed at work. They want to contribute to the success of your company since they are sure that its success will bring lots of appealing direct benefits to them.


5. Improved Brand Reputation

Being able to attract candidates who fit and resonate with a company’s values is central to maintaining and enhancing its reputation. Directing hire staffing contributes to this goal by:

  • Facilitating stringent selection for cultural fit
  • Ensuring quality consistency (quality over quantity)
  • Bringing in employees who’ll be long-term brand ambassadors
  • Creating trust with clients
  • Supporting adaptation to market evolution
  • Reducing negative publicity (no bad hires, reduced turnover rates, etc.)
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An improved brand image will attract even more high-performing employees who’ll be willing to stay with your company longer.


6. More Cost-Effective, Long-Term

The truth is that direct hiring is associated with higher upfront costs, unlike contract staffing or other temporary models. Still, there’s a long-term cost-effectiveness benefit that comes with direct hiring.

The lower turnover rate means that your company won’t have to deal with increased hiring and turnover expenses more frequently.


To Sum It All Up,

While direct hire staffing doesn’t magically make a company successful, it adds power to the vehicle propelling a company to that success. With the right workforce setup, you can be sure that success will not be the only achievement you get along the way.

So, team up with a top-rated direct hiring support agency like Kinetix and create the right conditions for your company to grow.



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