Kenya is a great travel destination. With the pleasant weather all year round, fantastic sceneries, rich culture, and cuisines, to mention a few, your exploration will be exciting. Safari tours are the top highlights for most tourists, but you’ll hardly run out of fun things to do with all the fascinating activities. While planning your travel to Kenya, accommodation can’t be stressed enough, like in any other destination.

Finding the best accommodation in Kenya, whether on a budget or looking to splash some cash, is not challenging. Nonetheless, it requires a practical approach, allowing you to know where to look and what to consider, ensuring you find and pick the best option. Here are the best ways to find suitable accommodation when traveling to Kenya.

Know your needs

What tickles your fancy; hotels, hostels, apartments, Airbnb, house sitting/swap, RV, or camping? Your needs help define what you should look for, making it the best way to start the search. It narrows the options; this is more so if you also factor in your budget. For instance, if you are on a tight budget and want to explore more, you can go for house sitting, living rent-free since you’ll be helping the absent owner care for the property. High-end hotels are in plenty if you want to spend more, offering fantastic accommodation and meals. With your needs and budget in mind, you’ll quickly know where and how to find the best accommodation.

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Online search

The online world is loaded with all the information you need to find and make accommodation reservations. With services like Hauzisha, you can uncover a lot to help you make a sound pick. The extensive rental properties available can help you explore Kenya like a local. You’ll learn more about the readily available properties, amenities, and price ranges, among other details. This makes it easier to browse through the listings and pick an accommodation that marks all boxes on your checklist.

A valuable hack as you look for accommodation online is taking your time; this allows you to employ due diligence. Pick a reliable and reputable site and check out as many properties as possible. Contact the relevant person and dig deeper before making the final pick. This way, you’ll avoid potential scams preying on unsuspecting users, which could see you losing money and dealing with frustrating travel experiences. Start the search early, making it easier to keep your travel plans on track.

Social media

Social media offers access to communities you can leverage in your search. You’ll have a lot at your disposal, from property pages to travel forums. You can learn more about the standard accommodation solutions in Kenya, which most users enjoyed, and how they found them. Social media is also loaded with offers from accommodation services like hotels. Today, social media presence is a must-have as businesses continue to offer information-based marketing over traditional ads.

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The best part about social media is that you can address more than accommodation. You can find a travel buddy or guide, learn more about must-see sites to add to your itinerary, and foods to try, among other considerations. This makes it easier to travel to Kenya in style, making your exploration memorable.

Accommodation plays a significant role during your travels. It is more than a place to lay your head after a long, tiring, and fulfilling day. You want to relax, freshen up, and be ready for the next adventure. As you pick the accommodation, consider proximity to your target destination, accessibility, and amenities. This ensures you pick an accommodation that’ll make your travels painless, allowing you to achieve more.


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