Sensor taps are the ones that give your washrooms a gleaming appeal. They are stylish, attractive and an impressive washroom automation product.

The use of automatic faucets has been increased since a few years as it is a time-saver and energy efficient product. Along with this it is even a hygienic product that maintains cleanliness in the surrounding and keeps it germs and bacteria free.

The taps are found in a variety of designs and features from which you can choose your most favorite design and get it installed in your washrooms and kitchens for a perfect appeal.

They just need to be installed at the right angle and then it can be used without any faults. The taps are totally hygienic and safe to use by everyone restricting the spread of germs and viruses.

Best Automatic Taps

As there are a number of taps available in the market here is the list of some best automatic taps that are perfect for your bathrooms and kitchens as well.

  1. Hindware Taps

best automatics taps with sensorbest automatics taps with sensor

The sensor tap from hindware is available in a variety of designs that consists of an L-shaped tap or a C-shaped tap in-built with infrared sensors and some other features such as a light that indicates low battery and setting the temperatures according to the climate of the place.

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Some of them are even equipped with dual function so that you can use it manually when the battery is low or during the occurrence of any other issue.

Buying Guide:

  • They are perfect to install at home and work premises.
  • The taps are wall-mounted and deck-mounted with some amazing features.
  • They are made from a durable material giving it a longer life.
  1. Cera Taps

best automatics taps with sensorbest automatics taps with sensor

For unique designs and some amazing features you can explore the wide range of cera taps. The collection of automatic taps from Cera is completely stylish and utmost classy. Each and every model is just so attractive that it becomes hard for you to choose one from the list. The taps are energy-efficient as they work on batteries and it can be easily mounted on the deck or installed at the wall depending upon the model.

Buying Guide:

  • These taps have the most stunning designs.
  • They are touchless devices with a smooth finish and texture.
  • The automatic sensor tap price is low and they have low maintenance.
  1. Prestige Taps

best automatics taps with sensorbest automatics taps with sensor

Another range of stylish taps are available from Prestige. The prestige fittings are super adoring and make a perfect match for your washrooms and kitchens. These touchless taps save your time and give you a better experience while you use it.

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The sensor takes just a few seconds to work as soon as you put your hands below it and it even takes less time to turn off. It saves you from touching the tap again and again so that you remain free from germs and bacterias.

Buying Guide:

  • The taps have a good shimmer and a smooth texture.
  • They are made from durable materials that are brass and stainless steel.
  • The taps are equipped with modern technology and unique features.
  1. Pixaflo Taps

The taps from pixaflo are unique and dazzling that even have some color options so that you can choose the most appropriate one that perfectly matches your interior and the surroundings where you are willing to install it.

The taps automatically control the flow of water using its intelligent infrared sensor that makes it suitable for every basin. It has an intelligent micro chip and helps to save upto 70% of water.

Buying Guide:

  • This sensor tap online is available at affordable rates.
  • It is a deck-mounted tap that can be easily installed at the basin hole.
  • The taps help to save the wastage of water.
  1. Franke Taps

Franke TapsFranke Taps

The electronic taps from franke are super stylish and they can be battery operated or power operated from which you can choose the adequate option for your place. The technical consideration of taps usually includes its installation and working. The taps are easily customisable regarding the water temperature, flowing speed and time so that you can adjust everything properly and use it precisely.

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Buying Guide:

  • The best thing is that they are suitable for every basin.
  • They are deck-mounted and battery-operated.
  • They are available in a variety of designs and at reasonable prices.
  1. Drizzle Taps

Drizzle TapsDrizzle Taps

Drizzle taps are eligible to provide a dazzling appeal to your basins. They are made of premium quality materials which are durable and corrosion-resistant giving the product a long-lasting life. They play a major role for a flawless bathroom.

They are found in round, curved and other unique shapes that give you a variety of options so that you can choose your favourite automatic sensor tap from the list.

Buying Guide:

  • To make your bathrooms look stylish you should definitely opt for these taps.
  • They are an ideal pick for this modern era.
  • They are highly preferable for hotels and hospitals.

  1. Jaquar Taps  

Jaquar Taps Jaquar Taps

You must be familiar with the name as it is one of the widely popular brands. It has been serving for years with a variety of washroom automation products that are durable and completely stylish to look at. You will find the taps in a matte finish and some of them have shinier appeal as well giving you a better option to pick the right one for your basins.

They are found in rounded curved design, an L-shaped or square design and many more others.

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Buying Guide:

  • The sensor tap price in India is affordable.
  • They are adjustable and favourable for all types of basins.
  • The variety includes wall-mounted and deck mounted taps.
  • Sensor tap manufacturers will give you the best price offline and online.

You just need to consider the right design for your place and mount it perfectly with all the installation equipment that is provided along with it.

Benefits of using an Automatic Tap with Sensor

The most admired feature of these taps is that they are touchless and they highly restrict the spreading of germs and bacteria from hand to hand as you don’t need to touch the tap to use it.

They are equipped with an infrared sensor and certain modern technologies that makes them one of the best products for everyday use.

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