It is frequently necessary to record the screen of our device. As an illustration, this is helpful when teaching someone how to install a component in the system, set up an application, or fix a problem. iTop Screen Recorder is an intriguing program that enables us to record the screen without charge. Furthermore, it must be noted that there may be no time limit.

About iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is a free and easy-to-use screen recorder tool, with which you can quickly save your Windows display. Its lack of a time limit and watermark, both of which would significantly impact our recordings, is undoubtedly one of its benefits.


This software is intended for users of Windows, the most popular operating system for laptop and desktop computers. It is highly useful for creating lessons, showing friends or family members how to install the software, fixing problems, or even recording video gaming moments.


It must be acknowledged that the iTop Screen Recorder is not the best tool for recording your computer’s screen, but it is capable of recording sounds. It uses the laptop’s microphone and, if necessary, the webcam to accomplish this. Because it supports 4096 2160 (HD) and 60 FPS, equivalent to a bespoke bit charge, we may report videos of outstanding quality. We can also turn on the webcam.

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To document the movies, particular formats are helpful. Along with MP3, AAC, and other audio formats, we can also include FLV, AVI, or MP4 files here. The video can be readily edited, and it can be uploaded to well-known websites like Facebook or YouTube. Additionally, we can easily connect it to services like Dropbox or Google Drive so that we may share it with other clients.

How to Use iTop Screen Recorder

The program must first be downloaded from the product’s expert website. The button to begin the cost-free download can be found there. It is a brief procedure that is now error-free.


After mounting it, a sizable display will show up as we arcane inside the picture below. There is a REC button that allows us to start recording right away, but we can also change the parameters.


The amazing options that we will configure may be shown if we click on Options. For instance, we may choose where to keep the video, whether or not to use the speaker or mouse, the movie’s attractive arrangement, whether or not to align the frames with 2D, and so on. Everything is really simple and logical. iTop makes recording simple. And when it comes to how to record Zoom meeting, iTop will be your final stop.

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We can choose the display screen kind as well. The complete display screen is checked by default, but we can also choose a specific portion of the screen or a predetermined position.


When it is set up to our satisfaction and has the parameters that most interest us, we practically should press REC. At the bottom right, a tiny window will automatically open so we can see it. From there, we can control the recording by pausing it or stopping it.


When we select Stop to stop recording, a video file will be created automatically and stored in the chosen folder. In addition, we may simultaneously edit the video recorded by the iTop Screen Recorder software. Thus, we could chop it, for example.

Last words

iTop Screen Recorder is a fascinating program that allows us to quickly and easily record the laptop’s Windows screen. There are options to change the video’s quality, decide whether or not to include audio, and choose the format in which we want to export it. An option that demonstrates how to tackle potential problems while allowing you to share instructions with other users. Get this free screen recorder now.


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