71 602x334 1 - Circuit Breaker Installation 101: A Quick Guide

Installing a circuit breaker in a home is an easy and cost-effective way of protecting your electrical appliances. The average cost of  one breaker, which is enough for most homes, is $100-$300. However, that depends on the size and type of breaker that you need.

If you’re ready to get started, take a look at the circuit breaker installation steps below.

Turn Off the Electricity

You’ll need to turn off the electricity in your home before you begin work. Make sure that no appliances are plugged in. Use a non-contact voltage sensor to ensure that there’s no power running through the lines before you continue. The next step is to find where the main breaker is located. 

It should be labeled with a “Main Breaker” or “Main Switch” sign. It’s relatively easy to find because it’s connected to the primary power line that leads into your home.

The main breaker has two handles, one for turning it on and off, and the other for resetting it if there’s an electrical problem. If you’re using a breaker with fuses instead of breakers, then the main power will connect to a fuse box and not a circuit breaker.

Begin Installation

Now that we know where your switch is and how it works, move on to actually installing the new breaker. The new breaker must be compatible with your existing system. Always find one that suits your needs. 

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The next step required is to open up the main breaker box. Use a voltage sensor to check that there’s no electricity running through it before you do anything. Then, unscrew the cover of the box and set it aside.

Locate the Cables

You’ll see two cables inside the new breaker box: one red and the other black. These will both be connected to the terminals of your main breaker. Unscrew those first, and set them aside somewhere safe where children or pets won’t reach them. Next, simply replace them with your new circuit breaker and tighten the screws.

Now all you need to do is connect the cable running to your new circuit breaker to the terminals inside your main breaker box. Screw them back in place, replace the cover, and turn on the electricity again using the main breaker switch. 

Once you’ve tested everything, put things back where they were before you started work. That’s all there is to circuit breaker installation! If you are looking for a reliable circuit breaker retailer, check out this website.

Circuit Breaker Installation Tips

Circuit breaker installation may seem like an overwhelming task to undertake, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you know what your current electrical needs are and how much power is required, then the installation is simply about plugging the right-sized breakers into place.

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