Selecting the perfect dress for an occasion may seem like a challenging task, it isn’t. What’s hard is selecting the perfectly fitting jewelry on that dress according to the occasion.

Whether you have a meeting to attend, a casual day out with friends, a party to go to or a normal day at work, all four categories require different jewelry. So, how will you decide what jewelry to wear on which occasion?

With so many new styles and designs all trending simultaneously, narrowing down your options can be a tough job. However, it isn’t impossible. All you need to have is the proper knowledge and an idea of what is suitable for you before buying or wearing any jewelry piece.


Selecting what is right for you?

While most of you go with your gut or own sense of style in deciding what looks good with your dress and what doesn’t and while this may be the correct way of deciding sometimes as well. There are other more proper ways of deciding jewelry for your outfit.

When buying jewelry, we want to give one tip: buy the minimalist or trendy pieces that will come in great use for you and styles that will never die down.

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With this out of the way, let’s hop on understanding how you can select the perfect jewelry for the dresses you will wear on any occasion and elevate your outfit.

  • Consider your Necklines: 

One major factor that will help your jewelry be prominent and elevate your outfit is the neckline of your dress. If you wear necklaces that will clash with your neckline, your whole overall look will go down, while if you keep that neckline in check and wear neck pieces according to it, your outfit can rise to another level.

With strapless dresses, chunky or choker necklaces look well. Longer chains or necklaces which go down to your chest are what make high neck dresses or shirts look amazing. At the same time, simpler day times outfits like a white t-shirt and some blue jeans can be accessorized with smaller and thinner chains.

  • Consider the Print of Your Dress:

One thing which a lot of you may not keep in notice or is neglected by a large population while selecting jewelry is the print of your dress. While this may not be common knowledge, your dress prints play a vital role in deciding your jewelry which will go well with it.

However, this rule only applies to dresses with bigger and bolder prints. So how does this work?

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Well, consider what prints your dress has and then wear jewelry that matches that particular print design. For example, if your dress has some angular strips on it, wear jewelry that contrasts with this particular geometrical shape. Pairing geometrical shapes with other shapes that do not go well with them only brings your dress’s vibrancy down.

  • Less is always best:

There is a rule that if you wear a plain outfit, wear heavier jewelry and if you wear a heavy outfit, select some lighter jewelry pieces. While this may stand true in most cases, there are some occasions when it may not.

In formal events, people believe wearing heavier and chunkier pieces with their gowns or dress will make them fit in. However, its opposite is true. When going to a party or formal events wearing a dress, try wearing minimal jewelry pieces that stand out. Pairing some diamond studs or smaller earrings and coming cute bracelets with your dress will work for you.

  • Choose One piece which will stand out:

Owning a lot of bold pieces doesn’t mean that you have to wear many of them at once. Instead, try to outshine one focal piece at a time.

If you are wearing a chunkier neckpiece, go with smaller studs in the ear, and if you are going with some long or big earrings, either skip your neck piece or wear something fragile. When looking for some great jewelry pieces, either bold or basic ones, you can easily get one from an online jewelry store.

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Similarly, with your hands, if you like to wear a lot of rings, make sure the bracelets or bangles are minimum and vice versa. Hoarding everything together will give you a very gaudy look and will not only de-elevate your dress, but your whole look altogether will not come out great.

  • Bracelets and your Sleeves:

Similar to how necklaces are worn depending upon your neckline, bracelets should be decided on what kind of sleeves you are wearing.

If you plan to wear a dress with long or three-quarter sleeves, try wearing minimal and thin bracelets altogether. You can skip them too. Chunky bracelets on full-length sleeves are a no-no look because it gives a gaudy and overly done appearance.

Moreover, if you plan to wear a sleeveless or a half sleeves dress, some chunky or thick bracelets will look nice. However, make sure you wear them in a very minimal quantity. Wearing too many chunky bracelets just because you have a sleeveless dress is not a great look to go for.

  • Bold with Basic, or Bold with Bold?

Remember how above, we wrote how heavy pieces go well with planer dresses and smaller pieces with bolder dresses. This is an unsaid rule, and while it is accurate in many cases, there will be some when it may not be.

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There are times when bolder dresses go with basic jewelry; however, sometimes, bolder dresses can go well in contrast with bolder jewelry too. So how to figure out which option to pick with what dress? And what is the best place to get earrings?

Well, there is no written rule for this, and it all narrows down to your comfort and experimentation. Some bold dresses look great with basic jewelry pieces, and some bold dresses work well with older ones. Jewelry, dresses and fashion statements are all that you are comfortable wearing. Hence, test and play with your jewelry, check out local and online shops. Decide what goes well with what and then become your own fashion diva.



Choosing the right jewelry can be a challenging job because a little piece of jewelry can either make or break your look. However, with the above points, we hope we have helped you understand how you can find and buy some correct jewelry pieces for your outfits.


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