“Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart”, goes a famous quote. The personal care sector is undergoing rapid transformation amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. “In-home services” are the new norm due to the fear of catching the infection. Besides that, customers get exciting discounts and maximum convenience from real-time booking of beauty services. Hence, it is the ideal time for entrepreneurs to create an on-demand beauty service app.

They can collaborate with a qualified app development company and achieve their business goals successfully. Online presence is crucial for surviving the intense competition in the market. Therefore, certified developers will create Android and iOS apps, an admin dashboard, and a web panel. 

Decoding the heavenly experience offered by a spa and salon service app

A-Z services, cashback, exclusive packages, and promotional offers are the reasons for the success of a beauty on-demand app. Techpreneurs can consider offering a variety of personal care solutions to capture a large customer base.  

The professional on-demand beauty service app to provide

All-in-One Plan – Regular customers can book any type of personal care service by using an All-in-One package. It comprises bleaching for the neck, bridal makeup, detanning, facial brightening, face pack, hair straightening, lotus puravital cleanup, and skincare. 

Organic Package – Chemical-free products are the new trend in town. Users want to use organic beauty care items due to their environment-conscious mindset. Accordingly, customers can book services like pedicure, manicure, threading, and waxing. Owners of an Uber for an on-demand beauty service app must include fruit clean-up services to impress the 21st-century consumer.

Premium Beauty Package – Exclusive beauty care solutions are rendered by licensed therapists and stylists for users. It consists of services like ammonia-free moustache colouring, beard colouring, cream bleach, crystal crush and paraffin manicure, detanning of face and neck, head massage, herbal face clean-up, and makeup. 

beauty on-demand

What to keep in mind while creating a beauty on-demand app

Focus on the user interface – Consumers want maximum convenience while booking a beauty service. Therefore, owners of a spa and salon service platform must enable users to complete basic tasks swiftly. It comprises booking or cancelling an appointment, payment processing, and sharing reviews. A clutter-free and good UI will make a difference between profits and losses. 

Techpreneurs can consider introducing features like flexible colour change, graphical designs, integration of Virtual Reality (VR) for sharing beauty care videos, pop-up windows, and support for regional languages. Qualities like simplicity and transparency will augment the overall retention rate. 

Scalability of business operations – No wonder, standalone parlours and spas are incurring heavy losses. That’s why entrepreneurs should launch numerous branches to handle the tough competition. Indeed, they require enough capital to get more bookings from customers. 

Expansion of the beauty solutions to numerous cities and towns will keep the business afloat despite variations in user demand. Techpreneurs should choose specific areas depending on the demographics (age group, gender, interests, and tastes of the target audience). 

Promote spa and salon services aggressively – “Content is the atomic particle of digital marketing”. Beauty parlours across the world should implement promotional campaigns regularly. This will broaden the trust amongst loyal customers. Hence, entrepreneurs can popularize their promotional campaigns across email, instant messaging apps, and social media platforms.  

Posting targeted advertisements on Bing Ads and Google Ads will improve the overall reach. “Word-of-Mouth” publicity would enhance the awareness of personal care services (body, hair, nail, and skin).  

Know the importance of a loyalty program on an Uber for beauty app

“Appearance is a type of power”. It adds more swag to every person in the world. Likewise, entrepreneurs ought to offer exclusive membership plans to loyal customers. They can be given cashback, discounts, and special access to new spa and salon services. Users will continue booking beauty solutions as per their needs. Of course, this will be a consistent source of revenue for techpreneurs.  

Prepaid value cards can also make a big distinction for owners of an on-demand beauty service platform. For instance, customers would get rebates (specific percentage) over a certain period. 

The total deduction in bills or discounts depends on the expenditure they spend initially for a facial or a haircut. Techpreneurs can name these value cards as Bronze, Diamond, Gold, Platina, and Silver for better traction. 

uber for beauty app
uber for beauty app

What is the cost of on-demand beauty service app development?

“A Budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went”. Accordingly, the curation of a spa and salon service platform depends on numerous aspects. Generally, an on-demand beauty care platform can be created in just a few days or weeks. 

The expenditure for the creation of an Uber for beauty app relies on

  • Extent of customization needed by entrepreneurs. 
  • Kind of features and functionalities (Basic and Premium). 
  • Multi-platform compatibility (Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows).
  • Salaries paid to the mobile app developers and website  
  • The type of frameworks used for creating the front-end and back-end. 

Further, an app development company will offer premium post-deployment services. This helps in enhancing the functioning of an on-demand beauty care platform. Techpreneurs can utilize solutions like the addition of payment gateways, API integration, digital marketing, maintenance of the mobile apps, Point of Sale (PoS) integration, security updates, and software upgradation. 

What are the beauty trends to watch out for in 2021?

  • Black mascara on eyes with rose cream on cheeks. 
  • Dewy skin with moisturizers that offer a natural appearance.
  • Glossy Lips that give a bright complexion and a killer look.
  • Metallic colours for brows, cheeks, and lips. 
  • Nail art in blue, bubble-gum pink, and green. 
  • Shining eyeshadow with single or combined shades. 

Entrepreneurs should consider the above-mentioned make-up and style aspects. This will take up their business a notch higher and help in overtaking their competitors. 

Start Up Business Goals Strategy

Wrapping Up

As the pandemic forces businesses to digitize their operations, it is an apt time for techpreneurs to build an app like Uber for beauty. The future of the personal care industry will depend on the extent of online spa and salon services, the fluctuation in the supply of cosmetics, and the sale of luxury hair and skincare accessories. Competent entrepreneurs can set the ball rolling now and reign over the on-demand beauty care industry soon. 

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