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In the United States, there are over 1.3 million lawyers who practice a wide variety of law.

The legal field is always growing, but criminal defense law remains the primary focus of many lawyers. The different types of crimes people are charged with often require specialized lawyers to understand the nuances of each case. Here are some examples of crimes and the lawyers that deal with them.

Different Types of Crimes

Lawyers specialize in fields of study so that they can have a more nuanced, complete view of how the law operates. This is why if you have been accused of DUI, you can find a DUI lawyer. If you are being charged with homicide, you can find a homicide lawyer or one who specializes in trying that specific crime.

White collar crimes, such as financial crimes, also have specialists. These are people who understand financial law and can represent you more effectively. There are also general practice lawyers who have an overall knowledge of the law and can help you in a variety of ways.

A criminal defense attorney is going to understand the ins and outs of many crimes. They understand how arraignment works, how bail operates in their state, how to make plea deals, and other specific arrangements. Depending on the crime you’ve committed, broadly most fall under a defense attorney.

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Law firms are often organized with specialties in mind. You can find entire criminal law firms where they will have access to other lawyers who specialize in various criminal defense fields. This way you can try to get the best representation possible for your trial.

If you’ve heard the term, trial lawyer, this relates to a lawyer who is familiar with how to try cases in a court of law. Not all lawyers are trial lawyers, many work behind the scenes or in other areas like corporate law.

Other Lawyers

There are criminal lawyers for almost all different types of crimes, and there are lawyers that specialize in many other forms of litigation. These include wrongful death lawyers, civil rights lawyers, among others. If you need help finding the right one, you can always search for the specific law or crime that you need help with.

Having the right lawyer with the right experience is the best way to get a positive ending to your case. You wouldn’t hire a pastry chef to cook a steak for you, just as you want to make sure the lawyer representing you is as knowledgeable as possible.

The Best Lawyer for You

The best lawyer for you is one that understands the different types of crimes you’ve been charged with, or the type of law you need representation for. They can handle a lot of the paperwork and can coach you through court appearances, mediation schemes, and other aspects of your case. There is no substitute for a good attorney.

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