Working from home has gained considerable ground in the new normal. Companies that previously did on-site work before the pandemic have now adopted remote or hybrid working arrangements despite the easing up of protocols.


Workers, then, have enjoyed the benefits of not having to experience the rigors of daily commutes and other perks. However, months and years of remote work also exposed some disadvantages. Here are a few changes to troubleshoot your remote workspace issues.

Power Outages

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One of the advantages of working on-site in your company’s office is that you are not expected to account for the utilities and maintenance for whatever you may need to get your job done. The same can’t be said when you work from home. Power outages are one of the biggest issues that may impede your tasks. This is why it is backup power in the form of generator sets, solar power, and rechargeable batteries is crucial.


Having backup power on standby eliminates the hassle and anxiety that power outages bring and lets you focus on what is truly important. Backup power is especially important for areas that often experience power interruption and those that have recently experienced blackouts due to natural calamities.

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It is also good to note the differences between lithium and agm batteries since it is better to invest in lithium batteries for your backup power. Lithium batteries have a longer duration, a longer lifespan, it weighs less, is comparatively smaller, and is safer than their AGM counterparts.

Internet Connectivity Problems

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Apart from reliable power, a dependable internet connection is also crucial to working from home. This is especially true for jobs that require time tracking or those which conduct regular video conferences and even audio-only meetings. Having a slow or faulty internet connection may not only affect your productivity but it may also affect the whole team’s deadlines and outputs.


It is a good idea to have a backup connection in the form of pocket wifi or even your phone’s hotspot. You may also consider buying a power backup for your modem/router just in case the issue is because of a power outage.

Lack of Desk Space

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Unlike your desk in the office, your home workspace may not be as spacious since some desks were not set up to be home offices. It may not be able to contain your laptop, an additional bigger monitor, a separate keyboard, and mouse, and some personal items essential for your job.

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This is where laptop stands come in handy. A vertical laptop stand DIY saves a lot of space since the area occupied in storing or mounting your laptop vertically is much lesser than having it flat on your desk. This setup is especially useful for those who opt to use bigger monitors for their work.


Speaking of vertical storage, you may also invest in a desk storage that may help organize your stationery and other office items vertically to reduce physical and visual clutter that may affect work flow and productivity.

Noisy Work Area

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One of the disadvantages of working from home is the apparent lack of division between work and home life. This also means that the sounds and noise at home may make it into your workspace. To minimize this, make sure to have a separate room or area for work. It is best if you can make some changes to make it soundproof.


Putting carpets on the floor and some added padding on walls may be some extra changes you can make if it is allowed. Noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds are also welcome gadgets that are crucial especially if your work conducts meetings or deals with video or audio editing, and recording.

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Soundproofing or noise-canceling gadgets also help you concentrate since it somehow creates a distinction between work and home. This means a more productive work life, and a more balanced home life.


Uncomfortable Desk and Chair

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When working from home, you spend most of your time at your desk. Sitting on an uncomfortable chair and desk for eight to ten hours each day is bound to cause some issues especially if it compromises your posture. It may not only cause some discomfort and pain, but it can also affect your work mindset.


Investing in an ergonomic chair and a desk that complements your seat’s height does wonders not only for your posture but also your productivity. It may be perceived as an added expense but the long-term effects of poor posture may create a bigger issue and a bigger liability in the future. Besides, an expense that has positive effects can be considered an investment.

Improper Lighting and Poor Ventilation

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Your home office should have adequate lighting for working on your laptop and for reading books and documents. Proper lighting is essential for minimizing eye strain and headaches and play a big part in your productivity. Bright light, especially blue light from special bulbs or natural sunlight can increase work performance and affect one’s alertness and vitality. It also helps alleviate sleepiness and fatigue.

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Good ventilation, on the other hand also helps increase productivity by providing workers with a relaxing environment. It reduces sicktime because of proper airflow and increase in fresh air. A stuffy office is also not a very comfortable place to work in.


Above are simple changes to your home office that you can do yourself. Incorporate all or some of the small changes gradually and see a change in your comfort and work performance.




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