A new trend takes charge with every hat type, from street style to casual summer outfits to rock that chic look. It is absurd to go awry with this perfect grab-and-go headgear. Be it whichever; it is bound to give your ensemble some extra swagger. But before you indulge in this style statement, below are a few hat features and how to wear them that can help you choose the perfect hat to go with OOTD.


 A staple for the summer season, straw cowboy hats have a horizontal portion known as the brim. These brims, especially on cowboy hats, are more comprehensive than the usual hat styles. It can either be turned up or turned down. But hats that feature brims a little tilted downwards at the front while the back remains up are snap brims. Snap brims are curved and often seen on hat styles like fedoras. The brim shape gives freedom to wear the hat snapped down or up.


 While the horizontal part is called the brim, the vertical portion of a hat is the crown. Plenty of hats feature a crease on the crown; this crease is commonly called a “pinch.” There are a variety of different heights based on different hat styles. The types of crowns include:

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The front is narrower, while the back remains rounded. Usually, the front of the hat has a crease and gets placed higher but sloping backward.

Center dent

It is another crown type but is popular among other crown shapes, especially for fedoras. A primary pinch form at the front and goes towards the back.


Cattleman is a crown type, usually found in western hat styles, primarily classic.

Round Crown

The round crown is made of hard block material and gets intended to retain its shape for longer. Bowler hat styles have rounded crowns.


Like a telescope, this crown shape has ridges outside, while the middle gets raised. Porkpie hat styles sport a telescope crown type.


Another popular crown type is unique but similar to the center dent. However, unlike the center dent, the bubble crown features a straight crease from the front to the back.

Flat Top

Flat top crowns are exactly what its name suggests. The crown type is balanced across the entire hat and remains visible on boater hats.

Hat Bands

 Plenty of hats have decorative covering right below the crown in a wraparound manner. Hat Bands come in a wide range of materials. Leather and grosgrain are most common.


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 Most hat styles feature a sweatband. Sweatbands are placed for a comfortable and proper fit and protect the hat material from sweat. The most common sweatband material is genuine sheepskin, but it comes out of cowhide leather or cotton too. In recent times, sweatbands also come with elasticity or adjustable features for a comfortable fit.


 Plenty of hats have hat liners in the interior. The hat liners come out of satin, which provides a comfortable fitting and protects against stain and sweat. For felt hats, satin liners have become standard. However, most summer crushable hats do not get fully lined, which makes them breathable and flexible.

But while you are well versed in all sorts of hat features, you can also learn about hat making. Here’s how!

The first step is steaming

What hatmakers use is a rabbit hood, preferably felt, and hat shape as well as a spray bottle. They take the hood and spray water over it. They wrap the sprayed hood in a small plastic bag.

The second step involves shaping 

After steaming the hood, they pull it on a block; they do it fast enough to not dry. But remember, each hat style needs a separate block, even when it comes to sizing. The block should come out of Cherrywood.

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Next, they pull it and then rope the line so that a good brim comes up. Hat makers then utilize a sinker or a tipper to shape the top portion of your hat.

Step three includes drying!

They can air-dry the newly made hat; this can take up to a day or so. But to speed the process, they can use the oven.

Secure the hat in the fourth step

To prevent felt stretching, they can use grosgrain, usually made of rayon and cotton. The grosgrain also helps in controlling the hat from flying away with the wind. They sew it on the machine or by hand.


If you want a better fit, you can overlap the grosgrain and size it accordingly.

Your hat is ready to be worn and rocked! Understanding hat-making helps you understand that too much goes into the procedure. Therefore, you should choose something that upgrades your closet in a quality manner.


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