Counselling is a branch of guidance and psychology. It carries a vivid array of concerns related to vocational, social, educational, career, developmental, substance abuse, etc. One among them is couple counselling which provides a gateway to disclose things that are not up to the mark. The couples can openly admit the hindrances leading to imperfections in their relationship. As per the clinical terms it is known as marriage counselling, couples therapy and relationship counselling.

According to the statistics, about half the population in Singapore consists of working parents. This in turn had led to several deteriorating factors in couples’ relationships. Couple counselling is the best-suggested way to seek help in Singapore under medical experts.

If you want to approach couple counselling, you must first start your quest for an ideal therapist. You can consult your family and friends to spot the best services. However, it is recommended to do your research and then rely on the consultation. Click here to know more about couple counselling services in Singapore

Couple counselling: the medically prescribed way to pave marital issues away!           

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How Couple Counselling Helps Your Existing Relationship?

Before choosing a therapist, you must ensure to keep some pointers in mind. Remember to choose a counsellor who is highly qualified, with a proven licence. Listed below are some prudent points that will help you choose the top couple of counselling services.

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1.   To be Compassionate Towards Your Partner

Good therapy will help you relate with your partner, understand issues and sort them together. You might be facing some psychological condition that has in turn worsened your bond. It will change the dynamics and help you spot, rectify and recover from the natural dissimilarity. The therapist through talk therapies will mend your fault-finding issues and build up understanding among you and your partner, settling the focal of conflict.

2.   Bridge Communication Gap

The pit of communication leads to a major issue in maintaining relationships. A highly proficient couple counsellor will suggest measures to improve your communication stance with your partner. Couple counselling will help you decipher the ways to get connected physically, mentally and socially with your partner and generate productivity. The therapist is a neutral guide who will analyse your issues, and help you come to terms with them.

3.   Measure Your Work-life Imbalances

In Singapore, there’s a very high proportion of working parents who are trapped in a fast-paced life. Pertaining to its vocational landscape, there might be certain behavioural disturbances directly affecting relationships. A child who yearns to spend some quality time with his parents, on the other hand, the parents who are exhausted post returning from offices. The therapist will act as an equaliser for nullifying stress-related issues and associated problems.

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4.   A Guiding Light

A professional couple counselling therapist will not just recognise issues and derive possible solutions rather will mould your minds to select your own way of overcoming the issues. Conflicts, altercations and fights will happen in every relationship. However, you will appreciate the fact that most of the problems in your relationship can be solved simply by discussing and problem-solving with your partner while keeping calm.

5.   Deal with Psychological Issues Left Undiagnosed

There are several mutants of psychological issues that the clients might be dealing with. Due to a certain amount of apprehension and no internal motivation the psychological condition often stays undiagnosed. However, during the couple counselling sessions, these issues distorting your relationship will be settled and dealt with to solve it.

6.   Discovering ways to Establish Intimacy

Couple counselling suggests umpteen ways to explore intimacy. Many times, relationships may get dyed in the wool due to responsibilities and duties. These responsibilities could possibly be related to children, family, and peer expectations. The counsellor will help to jump off the stress track and affirm relationships at a comforting and emotional level, in turn rekindling the urge for intimacy.

7.   Establishing empathy and trust

Empathy is considered to be an integral element that binds the threads of a relationship. The catch is to relate with your partner’s inner feelings and desires and try to discuss the same. As mentioned, a channel of communication is important between the couples to upkeep a good rapport. As a result, it will build trust and usher a hue to empathy to better relations. A qualified therapist uses the right technique to derive a problem-solving element.

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Conflict is a fragment of every relationship. It may emerge due to disagreement between two partners, whose views might not be the same every time. Thus, it is important to seek medical advice to avoid the evolving reasons for conflict. Couple counselling is the most pragmatic and secure way to soothe personal and marital issues to a much greater extent. However, it is also a prerequisite that you must be patient and persistent throughout the process.


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