Geocaching is a treasure hunt on steroids. It is an activity where you either bury a container (cache) or look for one in some areas. To participate, you need a GPS system or a mobile device. After creating an account, your app will show you the coordinates of these hidden treasures. These caches are located all over the world.


How do you participate?

There are three easy steps to get started:

  1. The first step is to create an account and then view the geocaches near your location.
  2. The next step is to navigate your way to the cache and then dig it. Sometimes, you do not have to dig.
  3. Make sure that you bring a pen with you, as there is a logbook that you need to sign. After signing the logbook, you need to return it where you found it.


What is in a cache?

It depends. At the very least, it has a logbook. Some people who bury the cache put trinkets in there. The things you typically find in the cache are of sentimental value, not financial.


The logbook is inside a waterproof container. Most people use plastic containers, but some use ammunition boxes. The container is necessary to ensure that the logbook does not get wet or that insects do not eat the papers.

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Why should one participate?

While geocaching is not exactly a tournament like the games found in online casino Canada sites, it does serve a purpose—it is a hobby for people who love to explore.


Here are some good reasons to make geocaching a hobby:


  • Exploration – you can learn so much as you explore. Some caches are located in places that you may not have visited before.
  • Adventure – some caches are located in places that will test your limits. For example, they are on a mountain, or you need to cross rivers to get them.
  • Experience – since you are exploring, you will have experiences that you would never have had if you did not participate. These are stories you can share online or tell your family and friends.


There are people who meet geocachers, and they become friends. Some even say they fell in love with someone as they were looking for caches.


How did geocaching begin?

Geocaching is not a new idea. It has been around since 1854. At that time, they called it letterboxing. There were clues and references that people embedded in stories.


When the GPS system removed the “selective availability” and became global, geocaching became easier to facilitate digitally. In the year 2000, the GPS also improved in terms of accuracy, and it was easier to place and locate caches all over the world.

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The first documented geocache was one that Dave Ulmer posted. It was on May 3, 2000, when he posted its location. Dave is from Beavercreek, Oregon. In three days, people who participated in the hunt found the cache twice.


Are there variations to geocaching?

Yes, there are geocaching variations, and a popular one is called Encounter. The rules are similar to geocaching, but there is a time limit.


The Encounter project is also an international network of games. It has several formats like combat, where you have missions.


For geocaching, here are the most common types:


  • Traditional – the most common type is where you have a container and a logbook. The exact coordinates are on the app.
  • Multi-cache – it has several stages where you find the coordinates of the next cache only after successfully locating the previous one.
  • Puzzle Cache – you need to find several pieces of information, all of which are part of a puzzle. Once you solve the puzzle, you should be able to determine where the cache is located.
  • Night Cache – the night cache also has multiple stages. The intent is to find the caches at night only. To do this, you must use flashlights as these caches have reflectors.
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There are other types such as the Chirp cache, the Wherigo, travelling caches, and so much more. In the end, you have to choose which kind of cache you deem the most challenging.


Geocaching is an activity or hobby where your main goal is to find boxes or caches. These caches have a logbook, and you must sign your code as proof that you found it. The only standard content of the cache is the logbook, but there are some that have trinkets, toys, and gifts. To participate, you must sign up for an account. You must also download the app so you can locate the caches. It is up to you to look for caches near you or in much more adventurous locations.


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