Rehab and Suri were eager to find an auspicious moment for their marriage. However, in the circumstances of COVID-19, the marriage ceremony was delayed for months. They could not find the right priest to predict their marriage horoscope. Thus they finally opted for our online kundali matching services. This feature helped them to conduct their most awaited marriage as soon as possible. The marriage ceremony went on without any trouble after that.

If you are also having troubles in a marital or Love relationship, this is the right choice for you. We try our utmost efforts to make reliable predictions. This help will simplify your search for kundali matching for marriage.

No worries for Love and marriage relationship by perfect kundali matching for marriage

No worries for Love and marriage relationship

Love is the most simple expertise that beautifies one’s life. But, at the same time, the marriage is a sacred tie that seals this Love with promises for eternity. Thus, many precautions should be taken to maintain these relations. This can be achieved by the kundali Milan method prescribed in Vedic astrology.

How does kundali matching for marriage benefit in bringing positivity?

Horoscope matching is the foremost priority in every auspicious marriage ceremony. This is done to assess the future life of the two souls tied in the knot of marriage. This makes them aware of any possible mishap coming in the way of their marital life. Nowadays, this process is further simplified by various options to create kundali online. The advantages of kundali matching for marriage are as follows-

  • It will help you predict who will have the final say in the marriage-you or your better half.
  • They will also determine the type of passion for Love that couples will have after their marriage.
  • It will predict different aspects in future life that you two will face together. 
  • They will also help you to get clarity on marriage problems. It will predict whether your marriage will be an ideal one or a failure.
  • Online kundali Milan will help two people in a marriage to know their social status after marriage.
  • Our expert astrologist will predict different aspects. These predictions will include matters of wealth, health, and happiness hidden in your marriage.
  • These calculations based on the birth chart show how your family will progress after marriage.

Apart from these basic predictions, any other specific inquiry can also be predicted by the astrologist. This will be conducted after a thorough online kundali matching. That is conducted by details of you and your partner’s horoscope.

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How do we get to do kundali matching for marriage?

Performing kundali matching for marriage is done through the Astakuta method. The knowledge of this technique has been there since ancient times. This kind of technique can be found in many Vedic textbooks and astrological scriptures. The predictions are made based on the following-


The twelve kinds of zodiac signs are categorized into four types of Varna. These are namely-Brahmin, Kshatriya, vaishya, and shudra. This criterion plays an important role in kundli matching for marriage matches. It is generally considered fortunate if the Varna of a girl is lower in status than her future spouse. This will ensure peace in the marital life of the couple. Only after Varna online kundli Milan can it be possible for their marriage to be favorable for themselves. 


This is also termed a significant fact in kundali matching for marriage. These are basically of five types. They are human, four-legged species, water animals, forest living species, and insects. Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius come in the category of human. Scorpio zodiac goes into insects easily. Leo comes in the category of forest living species. Finally, Aries, Sagittarius, and Taurus fall under the four-legged creature classification.

At last, Capricorn Pisces and cancer fall underwater easily. If a candidate doesn’t marry in their category, then it brings bad fortune as they are bound to go under several issues within their marital life.


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This used for kundali Milan predictions which are important for future events in marriage.


According to kundali matching for marriage, there are 14 yonis in total. These are based on twenty-seven ascendants; a good kundali matching prospect marriage should be in the friendly yoni. Any marriage alliance with people of opposite yoni will end in misfortune. This is also one of the reasons why kundali matching is performed.

Let’s also consider planetary positions for kundali matching for marriage

Before the marriage, the planet and positions in the natal should be in good condition. This is for good online kundli Milan of both the candidates. This is essential as their married life will only be pleasant under good planetary effects if nine major planetary transits predict perfect compatibility.

This will ensure they lead a happy life with joyful moments, ensuring peace for the future family if the planet’s condition in the groom’s birth chart is not compatible with a girl. Then both are bound to have an argument at the wedding.

 Gana Maitri 

This information by kundali matches for marriage is very crucial. The constellation in astrology is divided as three ganas. They are namely – Dev, Manav, and rakshasa gana. The only matrimony conducted in an equal gana will yield good luck.


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Nakshatra for kundali matching for marriage are classified into three types. They are Aadi Nadi, Madya Nadi and antya nadi. The matching of Nadi in both people in marriage originated very bad fortune. Such couples will face medical troubles and family disputes in their marriage.

How do Zodiac signs play a key role in kundali matching for marriage?

There are a total 12 astrological zodiac signs that’s used for kundali Milan. Compatibility ideal for different zodiac sign prediction as follows- 

Gemini and Libra matches

These couples receive respect and admiration from their other half every day. They were able to build up a much-protected association. As predicted by kundali matching for marriage, it is an ideal match in astrology. They share a passionate love story among themselves. They have a great acceptance towards relationship matters. These couples prioritize their commitments in married life. Such a type of kundali Milan is enviable.

 Cancer and cancer matches

These are an ideal match with each other as they tend to accept each other’s flaws completely. They always feel like both of you share a similar kind of persona for your Love. This couple tends to overcome any hurdles that come in their path of Love. Any memories cannot break the binding of such marriages.

Some other  zodiac signs that meets the condition for kundali matching for marriage

Libra and Sagittarius matches


These couples are very artistic. They are always drowned in emotions and passion. Yet, no matter what mishap arises, their faith in Love can sustain till the very end.

Leo and Pisces matches

They show society what great stability in a relationship actually means. They are a natural fit to each like fire and ice. There will be some circumstances where they can feel like giving up on their marriage. But at the end of the day, everything will sort out on its own. They will enjoy an exciting married life with their respective better half.

Scorpio and Capricorn matches

This couple always posse’s a highly romantic mood for one another. Their tendency to flirt brings sugariness to the connection. The online kundali Milan says that these couples favor love and hate relations. However, the strength of their marital bond never fades away. Such a type of romance is what many wish for in their own lives.

Libra and Pisces matches

This couple loves each other beyond eternity. But their relationship is determined to go under many rough patches. Due to this fact, their Love comes as pure gold. They have a great tolerance to any mishap. They enjoy a strong bonding in their marital relationship.

Kundali matching for marriage has a great importance in India

Our astrologer can also detect some other kind of matches. Such a prediction will be based on natal information. We provide many options so that you can check compatibility with your partner. Anyone from any region of India can avail of our facilities by rapid means of technology. This online astrology prediction comes along with years of expertise by our Vedic astrologer. So customers can get any query that they desire. So take your very own kundali matching for marriage prediction by us now.

May lord Grace your matrimony with undying happiness.


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