Maintaining order on your desk and order in your life are interrelated. Each of us has a different understanding of order. According to, here are some tips how to organize everything right.

  • The desk is simple, comfortable. Someone pays increased attention to this piece of furniture and acquires complex mechanisms, for example, with the ability to switch between sitting and standing work. These options are optional, which can be implemented if the budget and space allow. A desk is obligatory to buy, as it is important to form an isolated workspace and separate it as much as possible in the apartment.

If you live in a studio, where there is no place to put extra furniture, use the dining table in the kitchen. Don’t forget to switch between “Food”/”Work” modes in a timely manner. Don’t labor around plates; eliminate any distractions.

  • The chair is a comfortable seat. It’s important to provide yourself with a comfortable seat for an effective thought process. A simple stool does not inspire labor exploits. Take the purchase of a chair for work as seriously as possible, but without fanaticism. There are gaming chairs on the market with a roller for the back and a stand for a mug of coffee, and laconic pieces of furniture that are comfortable to spend the whole day on. Get ready for the fact that you will have to sit a lot. No more than in the office, though. Please take care of your butt and lower back.
  • Stationery is important; don’t skimp on paper and files. It is better to buy a printer, as you may need to print a physical document. Get binders for the papers you need, this will streamline the process and get rid of chaos. It is better to have folders than not to have them. Electronic document management will allow you to give up paper documents, it is more convenient to do it when moving from your workplace to your home. With technological advances, digital signatures, collective desks, and electronic whiteboards have long been invented.
  • Speaking of whiteboards: if wall-mounted office tablets help you make plans and organize your thought process, we recommend buying a compact corkboard for use at home. Hang it in front of your eyes over your desk. Such a board is small in size, inexpensive and in its functions is not inferior to the bulky office one. Use stickers, buttons, tear-off sheets to visualize any task.
  • Bedside table or other organizer – a very functional thing that allows you to free up your desk and sort out different stuff and mountains of junk. Do not cram the drawers to the bottom, arrange a general cleaning. Remember that if something is on the far shelf for a long time, it will lie there and remain for several years and are unlikely to be useful to you.
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In the selection of furniture for working from home on the computer does not have to follow the strict recommendations of designers on the compatibility of colors, textures and materials. But if you are a follower of style and harmony in everything, it is advisable to surround yourself with beautiful things.

The trash can under the table will be needed if you are used to working with drafts. This familiar attribute of any office space is designed primarily for cleaning companies that monitor the cleanliness of the premises. At home you are your own master and you are responsible for cleaning yourself.




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