What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is an essay in which the writer brings evidence and facts about an existing theory. The argument presented must be factual and have a lot of academic citations to support the writer’s work. To write this essay, you must first begin by introducing the theory that has been there and then proceed to bring out points that you have identified to support the argument.

Ways of writing an argumentative essay

There are various methods of writing these types of essays.

Rogerian essay writing

Rogerian essay writing is the most common form of writing an argumentative essay. Rogerian essay tends to establish a middle ground between two opposing parties.

First, you must admit that both parties are entitled to their thinking. Then proceed to bring out your arguments to establish a middle ground.

Classical essay writing

Classical essay writing is another way of writing an argumentative essay. In this form of writing, one can bring out facts to the reader and try to convince the reader why one opinion is better than the other. This type of essay must be backed up to support the argument because it is a win-lose essay.

This is a typical essay that students must encounter in their academic life. It is meant to equip students with skills that will help them win debates. To win an argument, you must have facts and not theories. Therefore, doing some deep research before writing is critical because it will help you develop strong points. Therefore, it is essential to know the outline for an augmentative essay.

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Outline for argumentative essay.

Writing argumentative essays follows the usual format like expository essays, persuasive essays, and others.

Introduction of an argumentative essay.

This is where you introduce the central message of the paper you are writing. It must address the issue that is being discussed. This is very important because if the introduction is irrelevant, the whole paper is irrelevant, and the reader will not be interested anymore.

Body of an argumentative essay.

This is where you bring outs your message. Start by recognizing the opposing opinions. Then proceed to state your stand and the facts to support your argument. The points must be written in an orderly manner so that the reader can understand what you are trying to convey.

Conclusion of an argumentative essay.

This is the last part of an argumentative essay. This section summarizes all your points and states why they are essential to be considered. It is essential to recommend further studies on the same topic.

How to come up with a solid argumentative essay topic?

To develop a solid argumentative topic, one must do thorough research. The research helps in identifying gaps between existing theories. For instance, you want to write about how tobacco affects people. You will have to conduct research with people who smoke for a certain period. The research must be on both genders.

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If the deadline given is small, research can be done using the internet. There are many existing journals and academic papers about almost all topics on the internet. This will help you come up with solid points.

100 most compelling argumentative essay topics.

The following topics will help you write a compelling argumentative essay about your dream. They are categorized in specific fields. If you get stuck with an argumentative essay, you can get an expert essay writer from us and deliver the best quality essay you need.

10 argumentative essay topics on family

  1. Would you rather have a dog or another child?
  2. Co-parenting is better than single parenting.
  3. Is it okay to choose everything for your kid?
  4. Does a child have the right to choose?
  5. The importance of family in society.
  6. Should parents discipline the kids?
  7. Is adoption a good idea?
  8. How many age differences should be there between kids?
  9. Is it a must to take your children to church as a catholic?
  10. Can I sue my parents for not supporting my postgraduate studies?
  11. Are humans inherently good or evil?

10 compelling argumentative essay topics on sports

  1. Is football better than basketball?
  2. Does playing sports help in keeping fit?
  3. Is football the most loved sport?
  4. Should American football change its name to handball?
  5. Should sportspeople be taxed higher than other professions?
  6. Are we conditioned to love a particular sport from childhood?
  7. Are athletes born like that, or do they learn to run?
  8. Should you play American football or regular football?
  9. Should playing sports be part of the academic curriculum?
  10. Should parents choose sports for their kids?
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10 most compelling argumentative essay topics on technology.

  1. Should TikTok be banned in the USA?
  2. Should kids below 12 years be allowed to use TikTok?
  3. What are the harmful effects of using tinder?
  4. Are we too dependent on social media?
  5. Should content on the website be regulated.
  6. Are mobile phones dangerous to our kids?
  7. Should we accept self-driven cars on our roads?
  8. What is the impact of technology on people’s interaction?
  9. Does spending time on social media affect creativity?
  10. Is Google responsible for allowing adult content on the internet

10 most compelling argumentative essay topics for middle school.

  1. Do violent movies make children violent?
  2. What is a healthy diet, kids?
  3. Should kids be given more time to play and less time to study?
  4. How sports impact the growth of a child.
  5. Should the age for watching adult content be reduced?
  6. What are the best books for kids?
  7. Is it fair for a parent to monitor the messages on children’s phones
  8. How should schools punish bullying?
  9. Does social media predict people’s real life?
  10. Should kids be allowed to use TikTok?

10 most compelling argumentative essay topics education.

  1. Should one continue with postgraduate or take a career?
  2. Should education be made accessible?
  3. Should exams be banned?
  4. Why is sex education essential in elementary school?
  5. Does online learning reduce social life?
  6. Impact of online learning on cheating?
  7. Should school teach students how to live a healthy lifestyle?
  8. Should mathematics be optional in high school?
  9. Are quizzes and assignments goods for evaluating intelligence?
  10. Should school be optional
  11. Nature vs. Nurture essay.
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10 most compelling argumentative topics on art

  1. Should art be that expensive?
  2. Is comedy the most paying art?
  3. Should art therapy be used for cognitive development?
  4. Why should art be taught in elementary school?
  5. Did art begin in Egypt?
  6. Why is Egypt rich in art?
  7. Should art be used to cure low self-esteem?
  8. Why do the rich spend a lot of money on art?
  9. What is the primary purpose of art in life?
  10. Impact of art on personal life.

10 most compelling argumentative topics on sex education.

  1. Should kids be taught sexual orientation?
  2. Why should LGBTQ society be protected?
  3. Impact of periods on girl’s self-esteem.
  4. Body shaming should be made a crime.
  5. Importance of gender identity and sexual orientation
  6. Contraceptives and condoms should be taught in school.
  7. Impacts of sexual violence on the growth of a person.
  8. Should the death penalty be passed to sexual offenders?
  9. Should kids be encouraged to abstain rather than be given contraceptives?
  10. The role of religion in shaping the morals of society.

10 most compelling funny argumentative essay topics.

  1. What would happen if animals had been conscious?
  2. The worst song in the world.
  3. Should people be embarrassed for Farting in a public place?
  4. Americans should have more holidays in a year.
  5. What if trees could talk.
  6. Should humans be allowed to pet wild animals?
  7. Should one consider selling one kidney when it broke?
  8. Why are comedy movies my favorite type of movie?
  9. Does drinking alcohol improve concentration?
  10. Disobeying parents can bring success.
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