An online signature is a comprehensive approach used to authenticate a document. At the stage of sending it to the recipient, it is impossible to forge the text and other items or attachments (videos, photos, and price lists). Create a cheque, pricelist, or contract now, spending for this highly important task just a couple of minutes. Unlike paper documents, you can use email to send them. There is an option to draw images by hand. They will be stored in the cloud.

You can go to the website with an English-language interface. There are relevant tips published on it.

Description of Documents with Online Signature

To make an electronic signature legally valid, you need to take into account the applicable standards existing in the country. Most often, it is applied to a digital document, which is sent by email to a specific recipient (which can be an official). There is a chance to confirm that the text of the document was not changed after signing. It becomes visible as printed or handwritten paper.

If necessary, citizens send such documents to the authorities. The latter can communicate with applicants in this way. The exception is when the law requires a paper blank of the established form.

The number of applications for online signatures is increasing due to simplicity and security. A signed document is sent within seconds.


Users are provided with flexible options. For example, workflows are optimized. There is no need to print, sign, and scan papers. You can increase employees’ productivity while reducing company costs.

Advantages of Online Signature

The expedited process of signing papers is not the only benefit provided, there are also three other advantages.

  1. Improved anti-counterfeiting protection. Electronic signatures can be placed on digital audit trails that contain access codes and time stamps. An additional level of security is guaranteed when sensitive information is stored.
  2. Easy file management. Copies of signed documents are automatically stored in the account. Therefore, they are easy to access in the future. If necessary, copies are added to integrated applications.
  3. Automatic alerts. This option is used so that you do not forget to sign a document. Notifications are sent to the recipients by email.

Nevertheless, the main advantage available to users is security. Asymmetric encryption can be used for this purpose.

Electronic Signature with Pandadoc

You can use special software to create an electronic signature. One of the best options available in the market is Pandadoc. In addition to using ready-made templates, you can use such an application to create documents from scratch. These are cheques, contracts, invoices, etc. They are signed electronically by the official and then sent directly to the recipient or for storage. If necessary, video or photos can be added.

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Users will surely be interested in the advantages that this software offers, such as:

  • personnel access control;
  • collection of ready-to-use templates;
  • possibility of joint generation of documents;
  • integration with well-known CRM systems;
  • document movement analytics.

The benefits of the software include an English-language interface. You can read and write comments, as well as use a variety of filters. There is support for Word, which is installed on personal computers and laptops. A backup option is provided for the safety of texts.

Users are guaranteed confidentiality because personal data is not collected. It is possible to use multifactor authorization.



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