Are you thinking about opening a beachside restaurant or redesigning the interior design of your beachside restaurant? If yes, then you are at the perfect spot. Restaurants are no more just about the food or taste. They add value to customer’s life through their designs too. So, you have to pay attention to every little thing that might attract the visitors. 

Restaurant interior design in UAE matters as it helps in attracting customers and bringing business to the restaurant. Read the further article to find out several amazing ideas for the interior design of your beachside restaurant.  

Best Ideas to Design a Beachside Restaurant 

  • Bring Nature Together

When doing the interior design of your beachside restaurant, try bringing nature together. Use natural tones and natural materials in your restaurant to give an aesthetically pleasing and calming feel to it. 

  • Use wooden furniture 

Use wooden furniture in your restaurant including chairs, benches, and tables. Make sure the wood is of high quality so that the furniture won’t crack or damage. Solid wood (like maple, oak, and birch) doesn’t absorb the humid and they also last longer. 

  • The walls, ceiling, and floor

Use wood in building the walls and ceiling of your restaurant for a beachy feel. You can use timber for the walls of your beachside restaurant. Wooden walls will effortlessly grab the customer’s attention to your restaurant. The beach-facing wall of the restaurant must be a complete glass wall so that your customers can enjoy the food and a perfect beach view at once. 

Match the flooring of your beachside restaurant with the walls and ceiling. You can use hardwood flooring or luxury vinyl tile flooring in your restaurant. Use natural brown oak LVT flooring for your restaurant interior design in UAE if you want your investment to last long. 

  • Use plants

Beachside restaurants no doubt give a relaxing and fresh feeling but for a fresher vibe, frequently use plants in designing your beachside restaurant. Decorate the walls of your restaurant by hanging and growing vines on them. Natural plant vines can effortlessly add flawless beauty to any place. 

Grow a few small trees in the seating area to bring the customers closer to nature. You can also use already grown big pot plants instead of planting. 

You can make a well-combined ceiling of plants and wood. A ceiling made of bamboo and large leaf branches can lift the complete look of the restaurant’s interior design. Another choice is to hang plant vines in the wooden ceiling of the restaurant. 

  • Use sunlight

In the daytime, you can efficiently use sunlight for the lighting of your beachside restaurant. A ceiling of bamboos and plants will allow the sunlight to sneak into the restaurant interior and create a nice sunlight effect. Also, the sunlight passing through the glass wall will help to brighten up the restaurant interior to the best. 

  • An Open-Air Seating Area

Create an open-air seating area in your beachside restaurant. An open seating area will get all the love from the customers because they are surely there to enjoy the beach. Install small umbrella shades near each seating for shade. 

No need to use any kind of flooring because why use any flooring when the beach sand can serve the purpose better? Let the beach sand be the floor for the open-air seating of your beachside restaurant. Your customers will also enjoy beach sand under their feet meanwhile they enjoy the tastiest food of your restaurant.

  • Chalkboard menu 

Chalkboard menus are the modern version of restaurant menus and they will undoubtedly suit the beachy theme of your beachside restaurant. Use your indoor chalkboard menu as a decorative piece by drawing small beach drawings on the borders and sides of the chalkboard. Well-decorated chalkboard menus are the best eye-catchers for restaurants. 

You can also design your beachside restaurant except for the beachy theme. For that, we suggest you paint the walls with neutral earthy colors or with a wooden texture. Try adding beachy murals on the walls of your restaurant.

  • Consider Kitchen area

If you want to serve bar meals, think about where your bar will be in your kitchen. You’ll want your kitchen to be close enough to provide hot, fresh food to your bar and tables. Even if you are designing an open kitchen, you must consider the customer value for serving them efficiently during they enjoy the view.

  • Small Round bar design

Whether small or large, the beach bar rises like an oasis in the desert. When the sun gets too hot, it provides shade and shelter, as well as cool drinks to satisfy our thirst after a long day of sunbathing. The pub is a great place to make new acquaintances and meet new people. It’s a place to laugh, imagine, and remember special experiences, such as seeing the sunset beyond the horizon after a wonderful day. There is no other beach bar that can match the legendary beach bar and if they are round ones, they give some amazing views as well.

  • Pay attention to the great architectural design

Today, architecture is the most significant part of any interior design. So, if you are planning on a beachside restaurant or bar, you must consider the unique design and décor. Hire a professional designer for it and also come up with something different. The serenity that inspires visitors during their summer vacations.


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Use different textures, colors, and patterns if you don’t want a beachy theme in your restaurant interior design in UAE. You may have a plethora of ideas, but they are never enough. So, some research. Ask from a professional designer such as exotic Interior Studio. Also, do not forget to go through the above-mentioned amazing ideas to design the interiors of your beachside restaurant. Make it customer-centric by researching their interests and hobbies at the beachside. The more you facilitate or make a place Instagram-worthy, the chances of having them more often are good.


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