SSC CGL exam is one of the most competitive exams in the country. Every year more than lakhs of candidates appear for this exam, but only a few thousand are shortlisted for the next selection round. SSC CGL Tier I covers four sections i.e English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness, and Reasoning Ability. The most scoring one among all the four sections is General Awareness. This section covers a wide variety of areas to study which includes History, Geography, Economics, General Science, Economic Scene, National & International events, General Policy, etc. The General Awareness section aims to assess the knowledge of candidates regarding their surroundings and their application to society. The right preparation strategy and knowledge will help candidates in scoring more marks in less time in this section. Hence, we have shared below the best preparation strategy for the candidates to excel in the SSC CGL General Awareness section.

Familiarity with the Topics

Candidates should go through the General Awareness syllabus to know the topics that need to be studied for the exam. We have shared below important topics covered in the General Awareness syllabus for reference purposes.


  • Polity: Election of President and its functions, Fundamental Duties, Emergency Provisions, State Legislature, Facts about Parliament, etc
  • Chemistry: Chemical Properties of Substance, Daily Life Applications of Chemistry (Paints and Varnishes), Properties of Gases, Chemistry in Everyday Life.
  • Physics: Sound, Energy, Wave, Light, Motions, Electricity, etc.
  • History: Important facts of Harappa Civilization, India’s Freedom Movement, Medieval India, Vedic Culture, etc.
  • Geography: Famous Airport, India and its neighboring countries, etc
  • Economy: Budget, Importance of Institutions like RBI, SEBI, etc, Five Year Plan and its importance, Famous Person in Economy, etc
  • Biology: Interesting Facts about the human body, Diseases, Viruses & Protozoa, Nutrition in Animals & Plants, etc.
  • Computer: Development of Computers, Memory, RAM, ROM, Input & Output Devices, etc.
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Inculcate Reading Habit

Since the SSC CGL General Awareness covers a wide variety of topics like Sound, Energy, Chemistry in Everyday Life, Glass & Ceramics, etc, the candidates are required to read a lot. Thus, it is important for the candidates to develop the habit of reading newspapers, current affairs magazines, and general awareness books on a daily basis. Also, candidates are advised to refer to one or two latest yearbooks by the trusted publication. This will keep the candidates updated about the current affairs and latest events happening around the globe.

Maintain Handwritten Notes

While reading the newspaper or general knowledge books, make sure to jot down the important points including abbreviations, important dates, appointments, scheme names, etc for better retention. Also, these short notes will be helpful in the quick revision before the exam.

Practice Previous Year Question Papers

Solving previous year’s question papers is compulsory for the effective preparation of the SSC CGL General Awareness section. This will help the candidates in getting an insight into the types of questions generally asked in this section. They will be able to focus on the areas from which more questions are asked frequently in the exam. Also, it will help candidates in understanding the difficulty level of the question paper and prepare accordingly for the section.

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Regular Revision

Regular Revision is a must to excel in the general awareness section with flying colors. Candidates are required to memorize and retain all the important points for a long period of time. It is only possible when they revise the covered topics on a regular basis. Prepare short notes or highlight the important points on the study material at the time of studying and memorize it thoroughly during revision.


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