To accomplish all our goals and objectives effectively, along with dedication, focus and concentration are very necessary. The same goes for education too.

Learning is not effective and beneficial if not done with undivided focus and attention. There are several benefits that students have when they focus well in the classes. Some of them are:


  • A better understanding of the texts


  • enhanced class participation.


  • improved academic performance


  • Enhances work effectiveness


  • More interaction with teachers and peers.


But many students struggle for effective learning because of low levels of focus and concentration. Let us read the reasons behind this problem and what can teachers do to make their students more focused in the classroom.


Reasons for the low level of focus in the classes


  1. Less interest: one of the main reasons behind students not focusing in the classes can be their low level of interest. Either students don’t enjoy learning or the teaching patterns are not very engaging for them. Something which is not enjoyable becomes difficult to focus on. This affects their class participation and academic performance to a great extent.


  1. Lack of understanding: when students don’t understand what is being taught, they feel lost, and get diverted from the classes. The main reason behind this is that they don’t revise the previous topics, their basics are not cleared and they don’t do self-studies. Less understandable topics make them lose focus and attention.
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  1. Inappropriate sleep: if you haven’t slept well the previous night, you won’t be able to focus in the classes, the next day. A tired brain with a lack of sleep becomes quite inactive. Their energy levels also go down which reduces their concentration power.


  1. Environmental distractions: what’s happening in the school corridors, students playing in the playground, and other external events of the environment also distract students. These distractions make them lose focus from the classes. Because of this, their class performance is affected.


  1. Stress issues: many times students face stress and anxiety issues. The mind which is occupied with stress is not able to do anything effective. Mental stress and pressure reduce the focus and concentration level of the students in the classroom.


How to improve the focus of students in class: tips for teachers


  • Give breaks


To prevent students from losing attention and focus in the classes, give short breaks in between. Sometimes by continuously listening to the lessons, and taking back-to-back classes, students get tired. This tiredness and fatigue make students lose focus in the class. This affects their participation and interaction which affects both teaching and learning. Therefore, teachers should give small breaks in between. These small durations will help students to relax and rebuild their focus and energy for proper learning.

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  • Teach with the help of different learning resources


Using textbooks and the same method of lecturing becomes very monotonous. This makes learning boring, by which the focus of learners gets diverted from the teachers. Using multiple resources for learning can help teachers in this regard. It will help to teach online and in traditional classrooms effectively. Using audiovisual tools such as presentations, modules, audio lessons, educational videos, online quizzes, riddles, and puzzles can catch the proper focus and attention of the learners. Also by visualizing the concepts, they become more understandable to them.

  • Meditation


To improve the focus and concentration power of the students, meditation is the best brain activity. Make meditation a daily practice in your classrooms. Before beginning the classes, ask students to keep their eyes closed and focus on their breathing for five to ten minutes. Meditation provides calm, peace, and composure to the mind. This makes the brain more active and focused on learning and listening in the classes.


  • Time for physical activity


Lazy bodies, obesity, and lack of physical activity in life also affect the concentration and focusing power of the students. All the teachers, whether teaching via an online education app or in traditional classrooms, must have a schedule for doing some physical activities. Any kind of body movement such as dance, Zumba, aerobics, skating, playing on the school grounds, or doing any sports can be done. This helps to keep the body super active and fit which enhances the focus in learning too.

  • ImmersionLectures can be dull, and with the technology today, teachers can easily turn the tables with immersive platforms. The virtual innovation may affect various fields, from flight simulators in pilot demo courses to advanced golf launch monitors during golf lessons.
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Learning with focus and concentration is very important instead of simply memorizing the lessons. To ensure that students focus better in the classrooms, teachers can use the above-mentioned tips. This will help in making classes more meaningful and effective for the learners. Also, it will help in the success of both teachers and learners.


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