44 - How to jump from 0 to 1000 followers on Instagram?

Instagram is a photo-centric social media platform. As a result, it is an excellent platform for businesses to showcase product photographs. Following five basic techniques, this post will show you how to gain more followers. I applied the suggestion myself on a travel blog, and in less than a month, we jumped from 0 to 1000 followers.

Companies and individuals who want to market themselves through photos might use the guidance. At the end of the article, I make a recommendation for how your firm should execute the suggestions.

If you want to be successful on Instagram, just stick to these guidelines. I know they work because we currently have over 1000 followers (and counting).

After I’ve gone through the principles, I’ll show you how businesses use Instagram to their advantage.

1. Submit your finest photographs.

All of our images were taken with a good camera, and as a result, almost all of them are of excellent quality. Every now and then, we’ll show you some photos taken with our phones.

2. Upload photos to the internet on a daily basis.

This is significant because you can only gain free Instagram likes and followers if you devote time to it. No one will bother to follow you if you don’t. Reality is similar to social media. They will forget about you if you do not inform them of your existence. That’s life, and that’s Instagram. We post three times a day, evenly spaced throughout the day.

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Use hashtags that are relevant.

It’s difficult for new followers to find you if you don’t use hashtags. As a result, employ a lot of hashtags that are relevant.

4. Leave a comment with your hashtags.

If you include all of your hashtags in the description, it may appear to your followers that you are being disruptive. Furthermore, the number of hashtags you can include in your description is restricted. The most significant hashtags should be in the image description, and the rest should go in the comments section. If you want to have more likes on your Instagram posts, you can use IG Liker.

5. Participate in discussions with other users.

Show interest in others rather than yourself if you want to gain followers. You must keep an eye on users who are relevant to you and your company at all times. Every now and then, leave a comment or a like.

This is how you should use Instagram for your business.

The majority of the points are immediately applicable to your business. It’s only the beginning.

Hire a professional photographer to snap a large number of high-quality photographs that you may post on your Instagram company profile on a regular basis. We’re not talking about drab commercial photos here. Many images of your products in cool settings should be shared. By the way, Instagram auto liker can make your account be more popular.

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Demonstrate how your clients may use your items in their daily lives. Ordinary product photographs become tedious after a while, and more is required to pique visitors’ interest.

It’s all about considering product photos in a different light. Fiji Water, for example, has started posting images of their water bottles in gorgeous settings from all around the world on the internet. People’s desire to travel is combined with their own goods.

Consider how you may use cool graphics to market your company.


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