Online marketing depends a lot on social media platforms. Today, most of the people have accounts on varied social websites. Social media gives the freedom of expression, which is not possible in real life, even in our own families. From expression to thoughts to making online purchases, social media can be used for any purpose. This benefit is not only for the individuals but also for the businesses. They can promote their products and services through these platforms. However, for that, it is vital to make interesting as well as informative posts.

The secret to good social media posts is – connect to people

Yes, you will read many suggestions below on making engaging social media posts, but they all drive attention to one important point. Connect to people through posts, and you can connect to the world and promote your products and services in a wide area.

Ask for user opinion

Humans always need good listeners. They always want to express their views. Perhaps it is the reason that social media is extremely popular. Why don’t you do the same in your social media posts? Not every month, but every two months, you can plan a social post that asks for the opinion of the users.

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Take feedback on a newly launched product line. Ask to suggest improvements, and you will receive the response of countless people. There can be many things that you can do in this aspect. Important is to take the suggestion from the users.

This trick increases the engagement of the customer, and you get more popular. However, one thing is important here, do take not only your opinion but also implement it. Yes, it can be difficult to apply every opinion received from the people but at least make some considerable changes. Do not forget to announce the changes that you have done in your strategy after the opinion of the customers.

People normally have so much to say on financial products. Products such as guaranteed payday loan by a direct lender, instant cash loans, doorstep services etc., are very popular. People avail them quite frequently and they can tell a lot about them and can help to improve.

Repost the popular social media posts

Yes, this is a common but effective method to get popular on social media. For sure, every business or company has some social media posts that became popular. Some become viral and create a buzz in the market. Do you also have any such content posted in the past? If yes, then plan to repost them once again.

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People love to recall their old memories on Facebook, Instagram etc., they love to see an old but popular post again. However, it is important that you give the right caption to that post before sharing again with the world.

If you actually make interesting content for all your channels, you surely have such celebrity like posts to repost in the future. Normally, those on specific occasions attract easily. For example, the social media content on Christmas is timeless, and you can also repost it in the coming years.

It is really important to make a strategy before you repost social media content in the future. Maybe it is popular, but it should relate to the current conditions. In the above example – you should not repost Christmas based content on the New Year because that does not relate.

Use descriptive product videos

No need to tell that nowadays, people love to watch videos. In fact, most of the content on social media is about videos because they are in demand. They have changed the trend of social media content because the user response is good on them.

Videos are not only good for promotions, but they also explain the products or services. Whatever you sell to the world, explain it in varied videos in an interesting manner and post it. For sure, your engagement percentage will increase. In fact, most of the social media experts favour videos as part of the strong content strategy.

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The descriptive videos always inspire people to leave their comments. When they see things in detail, they have doubts and questions that they leave in the common section. When you reply to them in the comment box, it creates a good mutual understanding between you and the customers.

Keep working on the value addition of videos by adding more features. High-quality graphics, infographics, animation, interviews, customer feedback, so much can be used in the videos. The point is, include everything that can help you make your social media posts more engaging. To connect to the people, it is important to talk about their concerns in the videos.


There is no general conclusion when it comes to social media that is versatile and full of opportunities. You may have your own conclusions. Important is to have a better understanding of varied platforms and make a suitable strategy. Every social media user should feel as if the post is specifically designed for him or her. The more personalised approach you keep, the more response you receive on media platforms.

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