The armpit is the area of ​​the underarm skin that should be given attention and care. Because the armpit has many blood vessels, hair follicles and sweat glands under the skin. It is very hot and is also at risk of being stuffy and causing health problems. People should be aware of potential underarm problems. and learn how to properly care for your underarm skin To prevent problems that may arise as a result, such as body odor, the accumulation of germs, inflammation of the skin, etc.

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underarm problems with how to care for the armpit

the following health problems This is an example of a symptom that may occur on the skin around the armpit. which can take care and prevent the occurrence of various symptoms as follows

profuse sweating It is a condition in which the body sweats abnormally through the skin, which can lead to illness. which can be treated using antiperspirants Using prescription medications, botox injections, and undergoing surgery or gangrene surgery, etc.

In addition, if you are facing a lot of sweating There may be guidelines for armpit health care as follows:

– Bathe and wash soap regularly every day. And always wipe the armpits dry. to reduce the accumulation of bacteria

– Use deodorant containing aluminum chloride antiperspirant both during the day and at bedtime.

– Wear clothing made from natural fibers. This will help sweat well.

– Avoid consuming hot beverages such as tea and coffee. including alcohol and spicy food because it may stimulate the secretion of sweat

– Reduce stress, which is a factor that stimulates sweating.

– Control your body weight not to exceed the threshold or have obesity


folliculitis The hair follicles in the armpits may become inflamed from a bacterial infection. But it’s usually just a mild inflammation that goes away on its own without treatment. However, symptoms can be treated by washing your armpits with antibacterial soap twice a day, using a towel and always wearing clean clothes. If your symptoms don’t improve, you may need to see a doctor. Your doctor may prescribe a topical antibacterial and antifungal medication. Including steroid medication to reduce swelling of the hair follicles.


As for the prevention of folliculitis in the armpit area. This may be done by avoiding tight-fitting clothing or skin-irritating fabrics, such as synthetic fabrics. Do not wear rubber gloves, etc.


Armpit polyps It’s a small, formed lump of tissue that isn’t dangerous. But it can be irritating if the polyps come in contact with or rub against clothing and jewelry. They may consult a doctor to come up with a plan to treat the polyp with various methods, such as cutting the polyp out with medical scissors. Cryosurgery, which uses liquid nitrogen to remove tissue or use a power tool to cut off the polyps, etc.


The rash may be a rough, red or white scaly rash on the armpit surface. This may be noticed as a rash once itching or irritation has occurred. This may occur for a few hours or for months. The treatment for armpit rash also depends on the cause of the rash, such as a fungal infection. exposure to allergens or the sebaceous glands under the skin produce too much sebum, etc.

In general, the rash may be treated and prevented from spreading to other areas by the following methods:

– Do not scratch the skin where the rash occurs. to prevent the spread of infection

– Take antihistamines

– Apply hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion. To reduce itching, irritation and inflammation of the skin.

As for the prevention of rashes in the armpit area, they include:

– Avoid contact with allergens. and not in an area with substances that they are allergic to

– Take a shower and keep your armpits clean. You may let your armpits dry on their own instead of wiping them down with a towel.

– Wear breathable clothing such as cotton. and dress in loose shirts so that the sleeves are not too tight around the armpits

– Avoid hot weather in a cold area and turn on the fan or air conditioner if the house is hot.


In addition, even armpit hair that grows may be responsible for protecting the soft skin under the armpits. But these hairs can cause moisture and dirt to accumulate, so if you want to remove armpit hair. This may be done by shaving, plucking or waxing. Each method has different advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you should always study well before you begin to remove armpit hair. and in addition to the above conditions There may be other health problems that cause the armpits to cause allergic reactions or have many other symptoms, which if abnormal symptoms are found in the armpits, the symptoms do not subside after self-treatment. You should see your doctor for proper examination and treatment.


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