Dips are very versatile compound moves that target major upper body muscles. They help shape and define your back, shoulders, arms, and chest. Dips are just perfect for upper body strength, but dips belts make them even better. The belts increase the difficulty level, and lead to bigger, harder and more defined muscles.

Dips may be great bodyweight exercises on their own, but added weight makes them lethal. Dips belts help you add weight and consequently resistance to your dips in a safer and more comfortable way. You can bang a set of weighted dips anywhere; no need to find a special slot for weight training on your busy schedule.

Dip belts are affordable, comfortable, durable, and most importantly, effective; they give you a ripped upper body within a short time frame. They come in a breathable material and comfortable design: you will not hate weight training sessions anymore!


What Is A Dip Belt?


A dip belt is a very important gym accessory for those who are trying to build bigger muscles. It’s a belt with a chain attached to hang various weights like dumbbells, kettlebells, and weight plates! A dip belt allows you to increase resistance level, which is great for muscle activation and engagement.

It is a simple setup with an easy mechanism, yet very effective for adding difficulty and challenge to your common exercises. It comes in many materials and designs; you can choose according to your personal preferences.

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It’s a very lolsafe accessory  with no complicated instructions involved. However, always make sure you use the belt correctly by adopting the right posture and following safety instructions for weight attachment.


When Should You Start Using A Dip Belt?

Dips are great bodyweight exercises that challenge your muscles with a good amount of resistance initially. However, these exercises become too easy later as you get used to lifting your weight. At this point, a dip belt comes in very handy because it adds weight and resistance to your muscles for greater engagement.


So, we can say, dip belts are not for beginners; you do not need a dip belt until you can perform some 15 reps in a row without a break. Athletes and sports people of intermediate to expert level need dip belts in their gym arsenal to increase resistance and speed up muscle-building.


What Muscles Do Dip Belt Target?


One of the most amazing things about dips is that they engage all of your upper body muscles simultaneously. Once you start doing dips with weight, you are in for great things! Build strong arms, chest, and shoulders with something as simple as weighted dips.

Dips train your muscles for other exercises as well. Your muscles are better able to put up with difficult and highly resistant exercises like bench presses.

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A strong, broad chest is something anyone will love to have. One great exercise for it is a push-up. If that, for some reason, is not easy for you, you can easily engage the same muscles with dips. Add a little weight and make your muscles work even harder and become even stronger.



When your body is supported solely by your arms, it’s obvious that your triceps are under a lot of stress. Stress or difficulty is a great thing for muscles. When your muscles work to overcome the resistance force, they become stronger and bigger.

This happens to your triceps while you are doing dips. Add more weight and increase muscle mass in your upper arms.



Along with your arms and chest, your back muscles like lats and traps also benefit from dips. When your body bears and overcomes its entire weight, the upper body strengthens in the most amazing ways.

Weighted dips will help accentuate muscle building in tougher areas like your back.



The hang and lift of the dips will massively strengthen your shoulders. All of your body has a lot to gain from dips and especially the weighted dips. A dip belt is an amazingly easy way to add weight to your dips and do it safely. Dips are great for muscle building, but weighted dips increase the effect to a greater extent.

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Exercises For A Dip Belt:


All athletes and fitness lovers will be interested in building massive upper body muscles. These muscles are not just great on their own, but they make engaging other muscles easy as well. Harder workouts are made easier when you have a strong upper stance.


1: Tricep Dips


Triceps dips are great for your arms. You can increase resistance to your arms muscles with a dip belt. Wear it around your waist and attach the desired weight to it, and it will do the trick.

  • With your arms by your side of the bar, lower your body
  • Your elbows will be bent as you lower your body
  • Straighten your arms and push your body up
  • Keep your body well centered and cross your legs for a better, controlled posture on the bar

One great thing about building triceps with dip belts is that your shoulders do not get sore. You build bigger triceps easily and comfortably.


2: Chin-Ups


One great way to go over the top with resistance training is to do weighted chin-ups and pull-ups. Pull-ups’ amazing benefits are taken to the next level with the added weight of a dip belt.

  • Put your hands on the bar and start to pull your body up
  • Your wrists should be facing away from you
  • Added weight around the waist will work wonders for your arms, chest, and back muscles.
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Pull-ups and chin-ups become too easy and boring after some time.

Your muscles stop feeling the difficulty after you have done them for some time. Dip belts help you break through the workout plateau effectively.


3: Squats


Squats are amazing as they are, but a dip belt doubles the benefits. Dip belts and weight enhance your balance and muscle strength even further. A weighted belt around your waist during squats supports your back for improved and safer performance.


  • Wear the belt around your waists (not too tight)
  • Bend your knees and lower your body
  • Your body will be parallel to the floor
  • Do not go down further and lift your body up
  • This is one rep
  • Repeat as many times as you want

Weighted dip belts help with the required balance for this exercise.


4: Weighted Dip Belt Walk


Squats put a lot of pressure on your back and they can be extra challenging for some people. If you struggle with weighted squats, replace them with weighted walks or monster walks.

  • Wear a belt around your waist
  • Squat against a wall for support
  • Instead of getting up from a squat, start walking forwards
  • You can do this without support


5: Weighted Hang


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With a dip belt and weight around your waist, engage your muscles harder. Build muscles big time with simple weighted movies like a weighted hang.

Weighted hangs will help with building endurance and they are also perfect preliminary pull-ups. Your body learns to pull and control weight on the bar. If you are struggling with a pull-up, you might want to start with a belted hang for training.

  • Hands-on the bar and pull yourself up
  • Have your dip belt around the waist
  • Once your chest is parallel to the bar, hold on as long as you can

This is a great way for increasing muscle endurance.


How To Choose A High-Quality Dip Belt

Dip belts are amazing for your strength training; you can build bigger muscles and a strong body with them. While you are choosing a belt for yourself, take care of safety and comfort features.

Comfort matters when it comes to a dip belt. You are adding weight to your already strenuous exercises; an uncomfortable position can increase problems and may even become a psychological barrier to working out.

A high-quality DMOOSE dip belt is perfect because of its superior design, perfect fitting, and comfortable as well as durable neoprene material. The belt is best for hassle-free weightlifting, lumbar support, and flexibility.

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The 36 inches long chain ensures your body and clothes are safe from abrasions and accidents while you are lifting heavyweights. Sturdy and strong double stitching adds to its safety and durability. Perfect design makes sure it fits your body nicely and supports your posture during unnerving dipping exercises.

Solid colors and stylish design add some fun to your dreary and strenuous gym routine.



A Dip belt is a great tool for those who want a more muscular, defined, and well-shaped body. You can add weight and consequently more resistance to your muscles with a dip belt, which is a sure way to have marked muscles. Dip belts surely make your dips more effective to bear results faster.

They are safe, comfortable around your waist, and durable enough to last long. They are a must-have item for your home gym if you are trying to build muscles fast. Perform dips with a weighted dip belt and pride over a perfect body.

Marwa Sarfraz


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