Have you ever wondered why you find it difficult to wash your bamboo sheets? Tough stains could be so hard to remove from the sheets. However, you can save yourself the stress of washing your bamboo sheets.

This is a guide on how to wash bamboo sheets and your bamboo sheet queen. A thorough read of this article will help you, and henceforth, you can wash your bamboo sheets without stress.

Features of the Bamboo Sheets Queen

The bamboo sheets queen fits perfectly for your queen-size mattress. It has some unique features that distinguish it from other beddings.

  • 100% Bamboo Viscose: This is one uniqueness of the sheet. It is purely made from 100% organic bamboo material.
  • Naturally antimicrobial: This is a sheet that is green. As a result of this, it is antimicrobial.
  • Durability: When you want any sheet that lasts long and gives you value for your money, this is the perfect choice for you. The bamboo sheets queen can last longer than other beddings.
  • Silky Soft: You don’t have to worry about hard beddings as long as you use this sheet. It is so smooth and doesn’t cause skin irritation.

How do you Wash your Bamboo Sheets?

This is crucial to our subject of discussion. Having highlighted the features of the bamboo sheets generally, let us discuss how to wash them.

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Don’t Bleach: This is how to wash bamboo sheets. Many times, people add bleach to their bamboo sheets queen. If you want to whiten your bamboo sheets queen, bleach is not a choice. This is because of the dangerous chemicals it contains.

Soak: All you can do is to soak your bamboo sheets queen for about 1- 3hours. You soak it in warm water using an oxyclean solution. If it has tough stains, after soaking it, you can then wash it in the machine. Ensure you wash on a gentle circle.

Wash on 30C: Ensure you wash your bamboo sheets queen on at least 30C.

Don’t Wash With Other Clothing: People make this mistake. How to wash bamboo sheets is separating them from zippers, towels, jeans, blankets, and hard clothing materials.

Always Wash In Cold Water: It is important you know that how to wash bamboo sheets is simply using cold water. Do not use hot water. Hot water makes it shrink. Besides, cold water washes it faster. You can add a biodegradable and mild detergent to wash.

Wash between 7 to 10 days: How to wash bamboo sheets during summer is between 7 to 10 days. While during winter, washing them is recommended in two weeks intervals.

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Low Heat Dry: When you want to dry your Bamboo Sheets Queen, low heat dry it. Preferably, you can line dry it. Also, you need to tumble dry on low heat.

Don’t use fabric softener: Some first-time owners make this mistake. Your bamboo sheets queen is soft naturally. Therefore, how to wash bamboo sheets also entails avoiding fabric softener.


Having written this guide, we believe that it becomes easier for you to wash your bamboo sheets. You don’t have to go through stress to keep your sheets clean any longer.




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