Parents-Teacher interaction is essential for the betterment of students. They can discuss various perspectives regarding the students’ academic progress so that they can make some plans & have a better assessment of performance done by students in class & improve their academic growth. Every student has unique qualities & some flaws; that’s why their performance in exams & curriculum activities also varies. So it’s the moral duty of teachers to have a keen watch on these kinds of activities of students and then work on their flaws by making them practice on them & minimize them so that students can build up themselves. It helps them to become independent & confident without taking the help of crutches which can help them at present but can make them handicapped in the future.


Role of Teachers & Parents In Making Bright Future Of Students

For a bright future & betterment of students, the preparation needs to start from school life itself, so it’s the moral duty of parents and teachers to take charge of their hands. Properly analyzing the students in classes should be done by teachers, then there must be interaction with parents by organizing the Parents-Teachers Meeting to discuss the students’ records. As today’s life becomes hectic, parents are very busy with their professional work and cannot give time to their children. So they get to know their growth on Result day & get stressed if results are not satisfactory as they haven’t seen what problems their children are facing while learning in a particular area.

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Similarly, Teachers also have the task of teaching all students of different classes & subjects. Hence, having so much teaching & office workload creates difficulties for teachers to handle all the students at once. Having a keen watch on every student is not possible many times as they have limited time to teach in class. Hence, it’s very tough to manage everything in a given period.


So there must be separate meetings to be done between parents, teachers & students must be organized apart from School time so that teachers can be free from their school work & parents also manage time from their job so it will be easy for both of them to discuss regarding students. Nowadays, students are stressed regarding their performance, peer pressure, poor mental health, lack of confidence, internal family problems, and many more unknown issues they face daily. Poor or lack of communication with guardians affects their educational performance and social interaction.


Teachers & Parents should speak about all these things to reach a particular solution. Students’ interests should be prioritized when deciding on their plan; if a student is not good at studying & interested in sports so instead of forcing them to have excellent grades in classes, they must go for sports with their studies. So that students can make a bright career as a sports player or if they are having difficulty understanding the particular area of the subject, they must be given extra classes & interaction with particular subject to solve the problem for better learning. Attendance management software can help teachers to make this task successful, and it has often been seen that students do not tell about the meeting in their home, and when the time comes, they start making excuses. Through the school management system, teachers can directly reach this news to the parents and keep an eye on whether the parents have come or not.

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There are various fields to make a career according to the subject in which students are interested so they can focus on building up on a particular area related to their future goal. They can speak about gender equality, sex education, and religious equality. There must be a healthy atmosphere among students of different caste & can maintain brotherhood if they have financial problems to prepare for scholarship exams to afford their educational expenses.



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