Getting a puppy home is such a thrilling part. They are so cute and loveable. From the wagging tail or their kisses, everything makes your world go wide with happiness! But puppies are quite mischievous and they tend to knock things over. Also, they chew whatever they get.

To ensure that the new pup brings happiness only, you must puppy-proof your home. Further, it just doesn’t protect your shoes and other belongings but also keeps your pups safe. There are so many tips you can follow while puppy-proofing your house.

Tips to Puppy Proof Your Home

  1. Creating a Friendly Zone For Your Pup

One of the best ways to be puppy-proof is by creating a friendly zone in your home. This will be especially for your little friend. This will be their space with their bed and toys. This will help the puppies to adapt to new surroundings. You can introduce them to other parts once they grow up.

Only keep their chewing items on the spot. They will know when to chew and when not to chew.

  1. Minimizing All the Escape Routes

Puppies know a lot of tricks and they try to escape from you every time. Keep the doors locked and get pet gates on the stairways. Furthermore, put motion sensors to tell you when your pup has disappeared.

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It will send alerts to your smartphones. Your pup will not be able to escape and they will get trapped. There are secure cabinet doors with latches to help in the process.

  1. Removing all the Dangerous Items

Puppies think that even the electrical cords are chewed toys. Firstly, start by putting your pup in an electric dog fence so that they are away from everything that can cause potential harm to them. Give them a specific place to stay and remove all the dangerous items. Cover all the plug outlets. You must store all the detergents safely in the drawers.

Trash cans can also have dangerous items. Purchase trash bins with lids on them. This way, you are protecting your pups too.

How Does Puppy Proof the Backyards?

  1. Mending All the Gaps

The puppies can squeeze even through the tiniest holes. So, you should mend all the gaps and put fences wherever necessary. Keep the gates secured. Secure the decks as well and don’t keep the crawl spaces open. Dogs can crawl anywhere and they will be in a lot of problems.

  1. Hiding All the Tools

There might be some work going on in the backyard all the time. Keep the tools out of the reach of your pups. The yard tools can also injure your pups. You should be extra careful in these cases.

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The exposed wires outdoors are risky for the dogs too. Keep them away. You can keep them indoors or even hide them in safe places.

  1. Safeguarding the Fireplaces

If there are any barbeque pits in the backyard, keep them away whenever you take your pup out. You should safeguard it with fences or monitor sensors. If your puppy has just come to your home, you should be puppy-proof instantly.


After getting new treats and toys for your pets, don’t forget to puppy-proof your home. It is for your pup’s safety. Puppies grow very quickly and they get curious over time. You will want to create a safe place for your furry friend! Get ahead with the process sooner.



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