Say yes to the grain-free diet or not? A question that creates such a conundrum and air of debate for all the paw parents.

Grain free cat food has undoubtedly received a lot of marketing hype and may put you in a dilemma. Is this a good food option for your cat, worth the attention it’s receiving from everyone? Or should you stick to the inexpensive options?

Well, it sure has some tangible benefits, and if it fits your bill, you should give it a go.

Let’s look into the reasons that make grain free cat food the real deal!

1.    Perfect for sensitive kittens

Is your little furry friend suffering from any allergy? Or, perhaps, they have a sensitive digestive system? Have you noticed them experiencing loose stools or extreme itchiness very often?

If your veterinarian has confirmed that your cat is allergic to a specific grain, it would be best to keep it away from their diet!

One of the most common grains that your cat may be sensitive or allergic to could be wheat.

So, if your kitty displays sensitivity or allergy toward such a grain-full diet, it makes sense to kick it aside and adopt grain-free meals. Even if your cat hasn’t officially been diagnosed with an allergy by your vet, you could still introduce grain-free food.


This is precisely known as a DIY elimination diet and will help you see if any bothersome symptoms go away or not. It’s an effortless way of testing whether your cat is allergic to grains.

2.    Full of protein

Domestic cats may be less wild than their feline cousins, but they are still carnivores. They will thrive on an animal-based diet a lot more than anything else.

While your house cat may not get a chance to go on a hunting spree, it’s essential to ensure their bowl is still full of proteins. It is one of the essential nutritional characteristics your cat shouldn’t be bereft of.

A high-protein cat food offers amino acids essential for the remarkable growth of your little four-legged friend.

So, switching to grain-free food makes the most sense if protein is the key to good health. Its primary nutritional ingredient is protein. And, well, protein is the king!

3.    Lesser Carbs

Low carb diet may have become sensational amongst humans, but cat ancestors have been doing it for a long time. There was a time when a wild cat’s diet was highly varied, including birds and small mammals.

Today, their diets have evolved too, depending on whatever prey they can easily find and attack. What this means is that carbs were never the primary concern!

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Carbohydrates like rice, wheat, corn, barley and soy make up a tiny percentage of the cat’s diet. Additionally, carbs are not limited to grains and can be extracted from peas, potatoes and lentils – which are grain-free!

Well, grain-free food is low on carbs and ideal for your feline buddy!

Wrapping up

Are you one of the 61% of Australians that have a pet? A cat, specifically? Well then, it seems like it’s time to switch up your cat food and bring a grain-free diet into their life!

It’s easier on the stomach, high in protein and low on carbs – a complete diet that will offer requisite energy to your fur baby!

Author Name :- Mary


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