To buy silver in the form of coins or ingots, invest in silver exchange traded funds. The best coins are the American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf coins (gold and silver) for North American investors. You can buy silver American Eagle coins (prices from January 17, 2019) and find silver bars in ingot shape.

Buying physical gold or silver as an investment is not as easy as it sounds. You can invest in precious metals by purchasing physical metals (bullions, gold coins) or financial products such as gold exchange traded funds (ETFs ). While gold and silver have attractive properties, gold is the better investment for the average precious metal investor.

Silver bullion, like gold, belongs to the precious metal asset class and serves as a hedge against inflation and portfolio diversification technology to mitigate geopolitical, monetary and systemic risks. Silver is an industrial metal and an investment metal that affects its price, performance and prospects. One of the factors that drives many investors from silver to gold is that silver, like gold, has a lower price per ounce.

Buying Physical gold or silver bullion

Silver investors have many reasons : many see silver in uncertain times as a reservoir of value, while others see it as a hedge against inflation, together with other precious metals such as gold. Some people believe that silver is a better investment than gold and hope that, because it is at a lower price, they will get better returns if the market turns for the better. The main danger when investing in silver is that you lose items such as silver coins and bullion if the value drops due to market changes.

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Silver is a relatively small market that is actually so small that very little cash is moved around the industry, which can affect prices more than other assets, including gold. The silver market is similar to the gold market, and it has been highly volatile, with price fluctuations much closer to gold prices (for example, by 13% in a single day).

Investments in silver coins and gold bars are also a cheap way to hedge against inflation and other changes in financial markets. In times of economic uncertainty, investors often turn to gold and silver to hedge against both inflation and investment losses. Many invest in silver instead of gold or stocks, because metals tend to perform better in stock market crashes.

Popular silver and gold bullion investments have included all forms of silver bars since the 1970s : 1 oz silver coins, 90 dollar silver coins from before 1965, 100 oz silver bars and 1 oz Krugerrand gold coins. Investors who want to protect themselves from inflation can buy silver or gold as an inflation hedge. When the Federal Reserve kept inflation under control in the 1980’s, much of the silver and gold coins bought in 1970 were sold and the proceeds invested in paper.

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In such situations, investors who buy silver coins or small gold coins to survive want to be protected. They buy silver and gold in any form that can be used as money or in exchange for goods and services. Investors can also buy physical silver in the form of bullion coins, ingots and scrap silver bags.

You can buy physical silver in the form of ingots, coins, ingots, silverware and jewelry. Silver bullion coins play into the price of silver itself, while numismatic coins derive their value from rarity. In this way, silver, like gold, functions as an investment and fulfills a similar role as a safe haven.

Investments of the same size will buy more silver than gold, which means that silver stocks will take up much more space and cost more to store and transport. When you buy a can of food, you need silver coins, and gold coins (1 / 10 of an ounce) are the ones with the greatest value. The price of gold and silver is constantly unstable, so if gold or silver is only used during an economic crisis, there is no hope of taking your silver coins to a watch fair or packing toilet paper or petrol canisters.


If you invest in silver bars or coins, transaction fees of 5-10% are not uncommon. If you expect a bull market for precious metals (in other words, if you believe that the gold and silver prices will rise because of historical volatility), silver prices are expected to increase by a higher percentage than gold prices. In a crisis situation, the gold and / or silver market will attract huge investments and you will see a sharp increase in gold and / or silver prices.

Like shares, your precious metal of choice is tied to the current value of gold, platinum or silver in which you invest. If you have a dollar bill in your hands, you have the assurance that you can stuff your money in the form of gold bars, silver coins, or whatever else you have at your fingertips in your locker.

Finally, the gold-silver ratio (the gold price divided by the silver price) shows which metal is best to buy at a given time. If you want to invest in jewelry or play games, investing in precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum is not the best use of your money. When the time comes to use silver or gold coins for money, the coins will be worth their metal content.

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