Bamboo pillows are very flexible so this makes them easy to compress. As a consequence, they offer you a flawless deal when you go on trips or travel to somewhere since you can conveniently fit them into your baggage or luggage. As you might know, inside the bamboo pillows, there is memory foam that can be flattened. This makes king size pillows helpful and extremely comfortable especially if you are the type of person who has a hard time falling asleep when you do not have your pillow. Nothing is more important than having your own pillow when you travel to different places. With these bamboo pillows, you can simply roll them tightly and you can bring your favorite full-sized pillow everywhere. Most importantly, it does not take much space so you can fit it in anything.


If you use and sleep on the bamboo pillows regularly, they can pillows king size 2 pack only last for around two years normally. But if you use the bamboo pillows with the best care, they can last for another year. You will notice that with the repeated use, the bamboo pillows start to lose their shape as well as the supportiveness including the alignment of your neck and shoulders to avoid pain. Therefore, make sure to remember to replace the pillow occasionally so that either your neck and shoulder are correctly supported throughout the night.

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Pillows usually come in a wide range of sizes to fit sleeper’s preferences. At the same time, there are still minor differences in size from each brand to each brand. It is also important to have some knowledge before you consider buying a bamboo pillow to fulfill your demand. There are five common sizes of the bamboo pillow. The first one is the king pillow standard pillows are 20 inches wide by 26 inches long. It is the popular choice for most sleepers. However, it has less surface area than other options. So, it is recommended for less active sleepers who do not toss and turn or switch sleeping positions often for the whole night. This kind of size is easy to find and also cheaper than other options. The next one is the super standard size. It normally comes in 20 inches wide by 28 inches long. This super standard size offers a little upgrade from the standard pillow in the sense that it will not be too oversize.

The third size is the queen size. This queen-size pillow is typically 20 inches wide by 30 inches long. Additionally, this queen pillow is extremely easy to find among the most popular pillow brands. If we have the queen size, we as well have the king size too. Notably, this king-size pillow measures 20 inches wide by 36 inches long. This demonstrates a giant step up from the previous pillow sizes in length not to mention, it is an ideal package king pillows 2 pack for those sleepers who toss and turn or frequently change their sleeping positions throughout the night. The last size also varies from company to company because some companies might offer this. It is called a specialty pillow size. They include a Euro size, square-shaped pillow, compact and body pillow, an extra-long pillow favored by stomach and side sleepers who like to hug their pillows when they sleep.

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Definitely, you can wash the bamboo pillows. Since these pillows are invented with shredded memory foam or bamboo filling. This means you king pillows can wash them in your washing machine. On the other hand, solid memory foam is a different model which requires you to use the spot-cleaned method. There are also some models that embrace the zippered outer cover that allow the users to easily remove those covers for machine washing or hand washing. Normally, when you buy any types of bamboo pillows, there is also the washing instruction along to guide you to properly clean. If you do not follow the guideline strictly, you can both damage both the cover and its memory foam filling.

On the same important note, it is recommended to wash your bamboo pillows every 2-4 months. By doing this, you can avoid dust mites, bacteria growth, and a dirty sleeping surface or cover. It might sound both exhausting and daunting considering king size pillows 2 pack how much time is needed to fully air dry those bamboo pillows. However, it will worth the effort and time you spend on washing. It does not only contribute significantly to health reasons but also prolongs its usefulness in the long run. Therefore, if you want them to last for as long as possible, make sure you add washing your pillow to your routine. But if you have used it for 2-3 years already, let’s also consider another alternative which is to purchase a new bamboo pillow.

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Here comes the final type of bamboo fabric which is the Lyocell. Notably, the Lyocell bamboo fabric shares many similaritieKING SIZE PILLOWS PACK CAN ACCOMPANY YOU EVERYWHERE pillows king size 2 pack with the basic Rayon fabric as they are gone through a similar production process. However, the only difference SLEEPSIA is that the process that Lyocell undergoes is within a more environmentally-friendly approach.Therefore, if you are looking for the kind of fabric that helps you to protect the environment as well as affordable in price, then this fabric is the perfect choice for you.



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