When it comes to car banner designs, you can trust the premier companies that take every kind of order. They require personalization and custom measurements for every order. For the custom car/windshield banners, the companies offer a range of fonts and colors, ensuring the best custom fit.

  • If you need more customization and bandwidth, you can email them. The vinyl banners are 7 inches in height. You can also find the 10” options.
  • The products are primarily big vinyl stickers and wraps for your truck or car’s windshield.
  • The size is universal and the wraps come with a curve that fits your window.
  • The custom die-cut text and image window banner can be of any color and size. For custom fonts, batch pricing, and designs for clubs or businesses, you can order them in advance.
  • You determine the height of the sticker by the text length. The 36” banners come with a 4 inches curve. They can accommodate your windshield curvature.

The range of options

You display a car banner on the body or windows of your car, van, truck, or any other vehicle. You can choose from clear decals, vehicle lettering, perforated or permanent decals, and opaque decals.

  • You have both standard cut vinyl and reverse cut vinyl. The print surface could be standard or inside the glass.
  • Truck and car lettering needs no background. You cut the objects and lettering to exact shape from a sheet of solid vinyl colors.
  • They are available in more than 40 colors. Do remember that you need to choose the type of banner in compliance with the type and color of your vehicle.
  • Use them on doors, windows, and other painted bodies.
  • If you’re using clear decals on the banners, the background will be clear. The cut-to-shape sticker options play a crucial role in this regard.
  • You print the image directly onto a clear vinyl material. The UV-resistant ink is an essential component.
  • These decals have unlimited color combinations and options. They are ideal for use on car windows. You can also use them on painted surfaces and doors.
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Seeking inspiration from the best

Have you seen the interactive car banner ad from automobile giant Volkswagen? The makers invite you to type in stellar commands for the vehicle and they will do the rest. Compare it with BMW, which has one of the longest car banner ads. It confronts every aspect of the automobile design manual.

The banner is text-driven, long, and lacks color without any CTA. However, there’s a rationale behind creating this banner ad. Since the SUV gem can take anywhere, it has the capacity to take a reader or onlooker on a 5000 plus word journey. Some marketers have already dismissed the ad as gimmick.

There are other moto companies that create well-planned and clever banner concepts. Their car banner campaign, they target geographies and demographics on the basis of their automobile preferences and buying patterns. For example, Nissan targets the Middle East, making its advertisements relevant for them.

For automobile companies, their banner ads must be consumer-specific.


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