If you are a website owner, blogger or e-commerce store owner then surely might be thinking that how to convert website visitors into leads and then into customers?

Well, there is no secret formula for converting website visitors into leads and customers. You can simply Google it and find tons of articles related to this topic. However, any of those will barely talk about lading pages which are one of the most essential components of converting visitors into customers.

If you search on the internet, then most of the articles lack information about how to create stunning landing pages then skyrocket your sales and conversions

So, in this blog post, I’ll walk you through the 30 best landing pages examples from which you can take some inspiration.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.


The first in this list of great landing pages examples is Kissmetrics, a popular analytics tool.

The landing page of Kissmetrics is sweet, simple and up to the mark. It has a headline that clearly defines that by using kissmetrics one can surely get more customers and boost their conversions.

Their lead generation form is neat, clean and simple. It does not ask for too much information from the users.

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Not to forget their CTA below the headline which allows the visitors to talk to their experts for more details.

They have also listed some of their rewards and recognition below CTA.

Key takeaways;

  • Include CTAs in your landing page.
  • Keep the lead generation form simple.



Hubspot is a popular CRM software and they have surely created a highly optimized landing page. They have included a short heading and have given a small brief about their product.

Their CTA states “Get Started Free” this entices the users to use Hubspot for free. This is a great example of using action words in CTAs. Words like free, discount and offer catch the attention of users quickly.

Key takeaways;

  • Include action word in CTAs.
  • Give a description of the product.


No here comes my personal favourite landing page example which is of SEMrush, a popular SEO tool.

The landing page of SEMrush is highly optimized for generating leads. The headline is clear and up to the point and backed by a small brief about what SEMrush is.

The page also contains a toolbox in which users can enter their domain name and get insights into it. This toolbox is the game-changer of this landing page. It not only helps in lead generation but also increases the conversion rate.

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Apart from that, SEMrush has also shown that its tools are used by the world’s leading companies.

Key takeaways;

  • Include tools in your landing pages.
  • Show customer testimonials.


Next to SEMrush, Ahrefs is another popular SEO tool.

Their landing is a mixture of textual and graphic content which makes it look appealing and eye-catchy. Their CTA is very strong and includes worlds action words like start and trail.

Another great thing about their landing page is that they have also showcased the number of trails activated in the last 7 days.

Key takeaways;

  • Include graphics in your landing pages.
  • Add some numbers and showcase how many customers have purchased your product in past ew days.


Most experts say that including videos on landing pages is not a good idea. However, this is not the case. Shopify breaks the barrier by including a video content on their landing page.

This increases the chances of generating more leads as people do prefer vidoe content over textual.

Another great thing about their landing page is their CTA which includes actions words like “Start free trial”

Key takeaways;

  • Include video in your CTA.
  • Use action worlds like Free, discount and cheap.


Zoho is a top rated IT and software company in Chennai. Their landing page is on how to leverage copywriting skills along with the great images and offers.

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They have included a strong heading which is backed by detailed description about their products and offerings. Along with that, they have also showcased some of their featured apps and what are its benefits.

Their CTA is very small and up to the point.

Key takeaways;

  • Use strong copywriting words.
  • Showcase the features of your products or services.


The landing page of backlinks is a great example of how to generate leads by keeping the landing page simple. As you can see from the above image that Backlinko’s landing has a heading and a lead capture form only.

This makes it easy for visitors to sign up.

Also Brian has done a great job by keeping the lead generation form simply by not throwing too many questions

Key takeaways;

  • Keep your lead generation form simply.
  • Don’t give too many options for visitors.
  • Bloggers can include their own logo on the landing page

Bloggers Passion

Bloggers Passion is a top-rated Indian blog that is run and managed by Anil Agarwal. So, if you are into blogging then you can surely take some inspiration from this landing page.

This landing page is backed by a lot of free stuff and numbers which increases the trust among users.

Anil has also mentioned the list of media publications and other authority blogs in which he has been featured. This shows that the person is surely having authority in credibility in his niche.

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Key takeaways;

  • Include free stuff for lead generation.
  • Include featured in section on your blog and list out all the blogs and media publications on which you have contributed your article.

Convert Kit

If you want to take your landing page game to the level of awesomeness, then take some inspiration from covert kit.

Their landing page is very clean and backed by bold headlines and eye-catchy CTAs. One of the best things about their landing page is that they have included small video gifs which highlight the features of their product.

Plus, they have also included action words like Free in their CTA.

Key takeaways;

  • Showing product features can help customers in a better way to decide whether to purchase it or not.
  • You can also create a bass based video and showcase how to use products and what are its benefits.


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