A virtual annual general meeting is defined as a meeting between companies and their stockholders or associates, where results are announced, business is reviewed and recommendations are decided on, all using one online virtual event platform, just like it used to happen at an in-person event. 

AGMs are considered one of the most significant events for each industry that are hosted periodically every year. The meeting involves the curious stockholders and the organization’s leader to review the overall production of the year.

With the new norms and practices, it has become more important to devise your virtual AGM entirely in advance. This involves planning the date, time, choosing the best online AGM platform, and sending invites and links to potential attendees quite sometime before the AGM. Though your virtual AGM will be held and attended from a remote location, you would still want to deliver a life-like experience along with keeping a professional presence.


How to leverage the right technology for your virtual AGM?

Annual general meetings scheduled for 2020 and beyond have been shifted to a complete virtual AGM platform. Numerous organizations took this as an opportunity to develop and grow their business. With the adaptation of virtual events, they enhanced their global reach. 

An immediate hike in the percentage of virtual conferences created a hustle but with the right choice of virtual AGM platform, various businesses have hosted several successful and notable worthy events.

As the demand for virtual AGMs has grown exponentially, it ended in upscaling the need for virtual event platforms. Today, there are abundant virtual conferencing tools available in the market that offer excellent services and engaging features. Choosing the best one according to your business needs is a key factor to gauge event success. To host a prosperous virtual AGM with the right technology, a well-planned virtual AGM is a must.


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Why is it important to keep your virtual AGM settings private?

Once you decide to go virtual with your AGM, security becomes a primary matter with the inclusion of virtual space and its element. A considerable portion of stakeholders will engage in the AGM virtually. That is why the prospect of data breaching and failure comes to the mind of the organizers. As AGMs include an interchange of intimate business information and future approaches, it is always profitable to keep the virtual settings private.Only stockholders who have the link to visit an AGM can access it virtually. Moreover, it helps in regulating unapproved third parties or conference shelling.


How to keep your attendees engaged?

Implementing the right technology is a must for hosting a successful virtual AGM. Apart from this, you also need to make sure that once the attendees enter into your event, they get involved and are engaged throughout the event. Therefore, you must choose a virtual AGM platform that provides engaging features and interactive tools. Features like live audio/video/text chats allow attendees to keep 1:1 or group interactions to promote engagement. Also, functionalities like live polls, surveys, quizzes, Q&A sessions keep you updated if the attendees are actively participating and liking the event. 


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What is the importance of 24/7 tech and customer support?

We all have entered a world that now massively depends on virtual communication. In the case of virtual events where everything takes place in a digital space, it becomes more important to keep your virtual event backed by 24/ tech and customer support. This ensures that attendees do not face any issues while entering the event or while they are entering their details to log in.


How will you get exhibitors for your virtual AGM?

Exhibitors need audience attention, while at virtual events you can’t keep huge banners with a sponsor’s logo, make use of event technology. Few virtual AGM platforms keep home screens that enable participants to flip through exhibitors on the same home screen. This enhances brand awareness and it can be traced by the site traffic or click rates. You’ll have to let the sponsors know about the benefits they would experience through your virtual AGM. Help them understand that your virtual AGM is a good opportunity for them to spread awareness regarding their products and services. Give them a demo of your virtual platform and its engaging features that they can use to interact with attendees and build new connections.


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Should you keep a plan-B ready?

Even if you have well-planned your virtual AGM, leveraged the right techniques, and performed various system checks, it is advisable to keep a plan B always available in hand to assure a prosperous virtual AGM. Any sort of unexpected error or technical glitches at the last moment can ruin your entire event and your efforts may go in vain. Keeping a plan B in place assures that your virtual d annual general meetings work smoothly. Also, make it a point to keep your attendees aware of plan B beforehand. Record the most important speeches, to assure the continuity of a hybrid AGM even if any unforeseen glitch intervenes.


Why is it necessary to perform a rehearsal or dry-run?

Before the main day of your , make sure to perform a dry-run using all the features and tools that are involved. This will let you figure out if there’s any glitch so you could fix it before the event. Test all the technical tools and system configurations. If you miss this critical step before your virtual AGM, it ends up having irreversible outcomes.

With sensible planning and several rehearsals, the chances of delivering a successful virtual AGM increase. Request important stakeholders and directors to enter the meeting a little early to make sure audio and video features are operating properly.

A well-planned virtual AGM helps in improving attendance by letting a vast group of stakeholders be an essential part of the virtual event. If you wish to host a virtual AGM, you should consider asking these questions to create an impactful outcome. 


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